Thursday, 28 June 2012

Brand review - Sharing some MUA love!

Hi ladies

Today will be a quick brand review. I love MUA!  It can be found in Superdrug for uber cheap prices! The original range was a bargain at £1 and now most things are between £1 and £4 with most expensive things being the shadow palettes I believe. You may think for such cheap prices the quality would be rubbish but not at all as you can see in the swatches below! I've heard (from GemsMaquillage no less I believe) that they have a really good eye shadow primer too which I am yet to check out.

Aaaaanyhu time to check out what I own from the brand...

So here we have the lippie in Shade 11,  blusher in shade 3, clear mascara (well it was clear at one time) that I use to set my brows, extreme liner, single black shadow and the 2 palettes in poptastic & much raved about heaven & earth.

I love this lipstick. It is quite moisturising and a very natural colour. All for the bargainous price of £1, cheapER than chips ;)

I rarely use blushers but this one is extremely soft and again a nice natural colour. Again only for a quid!

A single black matt pigmented shadow. What is there not to like? I use this to set any black liquid/gel liners.

OK so I am not intending to join the circus any time soon and neither do I wear bright colours. So why oh why did I buy this poptastic palette do you ask? Well my silly thinking behind it was that these bright colours wouldn't come up so bright on my skintone but boy did I underestimate the pigment of MUA. So, I've had this palette up for swaps/sale for anyone that likes to experiment with bright colours.

I won't say much about this because everyone and their dog has raved about this palette. When I bought this I was deciding between this and the sleek neutral palettes but when I swatched it I found MUA creamier than what felt like a powdery sleek palette.

I found a few more things stashed away in my drawer ;)

I bought this as an inner corner highlight but as it's a single shadow I always forget to use it.

 I had to use this wet (just wiped my finger on a face wipe) because when dry they just go everywhere.

This is the only thing I'm not a fan of that I've tried from the range. I much prefer the collection 2000 glam crystals which aren't expensive either.

The future for MUA

I'm a fan of MUA on facebook and they have recently unveiled lots of new products. I was really tempted by the undressed palette which is meant to be a dupe of the Naked palette (which I also have) but I have too many shadows to justify any more! They also have the Going for Gold palette which is a gold based palette (no shiz sherlock) inspired by the Olympics. They also have 4 gel liners both of which are available online at


I love MUA - simples.

What do you think of MUA ladies?

Till next time...Toodles! x


  1. I have the primer but I haven't used it yet. I quite like the MUA eyeshadows but their lasting power isn't great - although you really can't complain at the price! Love the lippies :)

    1. Ooh I need to keep an eye out on the lasting power when I wear the heaven & earth next time. I usually just mess about with it and practise blending skills as opposed to actually wearing it out for the day. Let me know what you think about the primer x

  2. I love MUA too - it's soo affordable and actually performs better than most of the other drugstore brands xx


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