Monday, 25 June 2012

Follow me around...Oxford Street + Initial views of the new YSL touche eclat foundation.

Hi ladies,

Thought I would do something different today. I went with my lovely cousin to Oxford street today in search of a nice blouse for her graduation. Can you believe we couldn't find anything? She's not even being fussy yet we couldn't find a plain blouse anywhere We also wanted to try out the new YSL foundation so off to Oxford street we went. I also wanted a concealer to cover up my blemishes so tried out a few throughout the day. I found today that having a blog has made me even more curious to swatch and try out raved about make up items so I shall give you a run down of the products I swatched throughout the day...

First up in Primark I saw this 'Tangle Teezer' looking contraption. I really want a tangle teezer but can't get myself to invest in what is essentially a brush. Has anybody tried Primarks version?

Darn you missing bottles!

Next up are the new YSL touche eclat foundations. They have 27 shades altogether so quite a decent range which are split up into pink, yellow and golden tones. I got myself samples of 2 different shades (which they are handing out at the moment so give it a go ladies).  My initial opinion is that it would be great for dry skin as it feels very moisturising and light. It sort of reminds me of my HG product MAC face and body but maybe a tad more coverage. I'll have a more in depth review soon.

Samples in BD50 and BD60. I think a shade in between these 2 would have been perfect.

Few things I swatched/tested throughout the day...

  • MAC moisture cover concealer - I gave this a go today and NC30 matched quite well. It had decent coverage and felt moisturising but was undecided.
  • Estee lauder double wear concealer - I really liked this. It gave good coverage but felt quite light on my skin. They seem to have a stocking issue as the MUA said they had none in stock and were waiting to get some from the warehouse.
  • NARS pore minimising primer - I LOVED THIS! It was really hot today and throughout the day while fighting the crowds in Oxford Street I began sweating (Sorry ladies perspire) and my pores look huge when this happens. I put a bit of this on top and they shrunk immediately and I found it left the area really soft.
  • NARS sheer glow - I finally gave this a go and to be honest wasn't completely wowed. My closest match was syracuse which was quite a good match. I prefer the YSL at first glance.
  • Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Nougat - I really liked how this made my lips look but it was very sticky for the price.
I think that's everything...

After a completely tiring day we sat down for some lunch in Vapianos. I have heard a lot about this place but have never eaten there and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the place and food was.

Pizza Lovers United

Just give me pizza and nobody gets hurt

Death by chocolate

We had pasta arrabiata and a margherita  pizza, both of which were yummy. Everything is cooked before you which I thought was a really nice touch.

Was a lovely warm day.

Hope this post wasn't too random. I figured there was enough make up to justify it?

Are you going to try the new YSL foundation?

Till next time...Toodles! :) x


  1. my favourite bit was the photo of the sky. hahahahaha

    1. Lol my cousin was like what are you doing??

  2. I can't wait to try the YSL foundation!! Exciting!! :) x

    1. I know I was SO excited when I saw Fleur talk about it on YouTube. This is exactly the type of foundation I go for, very very glowy light coverage. It's why I love the MAC face & body but this feels richer. Will give it a whirl today so I can report back. Thanks for all your comments Alex I really appreciate it :)


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