Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sigma brushes - Photos and review.

Hi Ladies

It seems I just can't get enough of blogging at the moment. I'm sure it's because it's all brand new to me at the minute but have no fear it will soon die down and I won't bombard you with post after post!

Tonight I present you with a review of my Sigma brushes. I bought them when the US sigma site was having free international shipping for Black Friday. It took forever and a day to come but considering it's free I for one won't be complaining.

Sigma brushes are hard to come by in the UK but websites such as and have most of the Sigma range online although costing more than they would from the Sigma website directly.

I ordered 5 brushes. As you can see I keep them stored in brush guards so they maintain the shape.

Round top synthetic kabuki - F82

 I use this to apply my foundation. It's a really dense brush which really helps to buff in the foundation. I also have the ELF powder brush which I know is highly raved about and rightly so considering it's bargain price! The Sigma F82 does a similar job although it's not as big as the ELF, it is more dense.

Sigma angled top synthetic kabuki - F84

 This brush can also be used for foundation as it slots into all the little areas such as around the nose. However I use this for blush. I find that it can apply quite heavy handedly due to its density but as I already have a few foundation brushes I have no other use for this.

Blending brush - e40

 I bought this brush as a dupe to the MAC 224 to blend in under eye concealer. It shed like crazy when I first got it and after contacting Sigma they sent me out a replacement free of charge which I thought was amazing. The replacement also sheds when washing so I don't think it's the specific batch but just part and parcel of these brushes. It does an OK job at blending my concealer but I've found that I just prefer using my fingers so I use this to blend eye shadow sometimes.

Blending brush - e25

I have quite a few shadow blending brushes but this one was classed as a dupe for the MAC 217. Again this is a brush that sheds quite a bit and isn't the softest one I own but it does the job.

Small eye liner brush - E10

This brush is perfect to do a thin line with my gel liner. I prefer this to using the angled liner brushes and it's easier to use in my opinion although as it's smaller it takes longer to do a winged look (especially if you're a noob like me)


  • I think the first 2 synthetic brushes are dense and good quality. 
  • The 2 blending brushes shed and aren't the softest I own but they do the job. 
  • The liner brush is very different from others I've seen (it looks similar to the Louise Young liner brush) and it makes applying gel liner much easier.
When I bought these there were not many inexpensive brush alternatives. However, since then Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman has launched in Boots and I've heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone and their dog (insert cat, grandma, whatever tickles your pickle) . I've been tempted to give them a go but considering I barely use the brushes I have I really should stop myself and have been successful in keeping away.

I'm hoping to do a blog post on another set of brushes I got from the MAC Tartan collection so keep an eye out for that if you're interested.

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Mez do you think i should buy the ELF brush you spoke about and use it for my ORANGE liquid foundation?

    PS-I didn't even know you were this obsessed and this good!!
    PPS-Very witty writing!
    PPPS (last one)-Apologies for speaking to you like we are having a conversation, I know no better!

    1. lol at orange foundation. What do you currently use to apply foundation? We should make a 3 way joint order (including nazia) if you're considering making an ELF order actually as I needed to get something for mum but was being stingy about P&P. Darn we just missed a really good sale. Actually before you order I have that brush if you want to give it a go? Anyhu will discuss this with you in person. Tank you for ze compliments x

    2. told nazia about the 3 way order, I currently use a benefit foundation brush!

  2. So jel! If u decide to put them on ur eBay let me know first :p x


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