Sunday, 22 July 2012

Eyeko Fat Eyestick - My fight - Reviews & Swatches

Hi ladies

Today I will be reviewing my Eyeko Fat sticks which we received in one of the beauty boxes (Carmine I believe - May you RIP). I swapped for a few of them over on BBS and ended up with 3 shades. I should add that for some reason these are not available on the Eyeko website but can be found on ASOS priced between £5 - £10.

What they say

For intense colour and a smudgy, glossy finish.

From left to right/down to up - Chocolate, Satin Taupe & Old Gold

I should begin by saying, I love how soft, pigmented, creamy and glossy they are. You can see all that from the one swipe swatches. HOWEVER, this review took longer than expected to make as I ended up having a  day long fight with the eyeko sticks in a bid to keep them on my lids! No matter what I did they creased up within the hour (and that's giving it a generous time length). I don't have particularly oily eyelids either so sadly I can't even excuse the shambolic staying power with that. Below you can see the journey I went through to keep it on my lids...

Chocolate - on it's own.

The top right is the stick applied, bottom left is it blended out and the bottom right is how much it creased within half an hour. NOT attractive.

Satin Taupe - On its own

I am clearly too trusting as I gave it another go and again we can see it creased up. The eyeko stick in Satin Taupe looks completely different with and without flash as you can see in this photo and the photo above of all 3. It is a beautiful colour nonetheless (when it's not creased up of course).

Chocolate - set with shadow

I lost my naive ways and began to try and find a way to get the slick pencil formula to stay. I set the chocolate with a brown shadow from my MUA palette and although it helped it did start to wear off quicker than I would have hoped near the crease area.

Old Gold - set with shadow

I looovee this colour!It looks almost like a khaki greeny colour with flash and completely different without. These colours seem to be very multi toned which leaves a very interesting affect. In fact they look completely different from the colour in the bullet at times which has left me quite confused when reviewing if I'm honest as annoyingly they have not got the shade name on the actual product and the packaging is long gone.

I forgot to take another photo of this a few hours later but when I checked before bed it had pretty much vanished.

Chocolate - Urban Decay Primer Potion

I finally decided to try and use a primer under the eyeko stick. I found this helped a bit but not as much as I would hope it too as the bottom left picture is less than half an hour after application and you can see a bit of subtle creasing.


The colours are beautiful and the pigmentation is awesome. However, the glossy, smudgy finish means it creases really badly really quickly. I tried to go over it and under it (you have to grow through it...Anyone remember that?) to make it stay but sadly to no avail. I haven't tried any other Eyeko products so cannot speak about the rest of the products in the brand. They recently had a rebrand so maybe I'll give something else a go. I know the pixiwoo sisters like the mascara but I have lots of mascara's to finish up.

Have you given this Fat Eyestick a go? What did you think?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

PS my next few posts will not be beauty related. I have been getting a number of Ramadan related questions so will be doing a FAQs posted. This will then be followed by a few recipes that have been requested.

EDIT: I am yet to find a creamy product that does not crease on me so I may have to blame my eyelids.


  1. Great review! I have all the colours in these fat sticks (makeup OCD!) they do crease on me but not as quickly as you have found. I use UD primer then the Eyeko, the satin taupe lasts on me for quite a while I wear it for work sometimes and yes its creased by the end of the day but the colour is still there. I haven't tried the wearing the others all day, I'll give them a go!

    1. Thanks Jo! I was surprised at how quickly they creased. Will give it a few more goes and see how I feel. I will not lose this fight with the eyeko x

  2. These just look like a sweaty smeary mess! I'd end up looking like Marilyn Manson if I used these - think I'll pass.

    You are such beauty trooper! Looking forward to your Ramadan posts too!

    1. Haha I take my blogging very seriously. I should of slapped on some rambo style war paint, I was that intent on getting them to stay! Thank you Annabella :)

  3. I've got a couple of these (good old BBS) but haven't really tested them. Not sure if I want to now....
    P.S Definately looking forward to the recipes!!

    1. haha good old BBS indeed. I hope they stay on your lids better but maybe just have a test run when you're at home? x

  4. Mez! I've had the eyeko mascara before and will say that it is very very good. That was a long time ago though so not sure if the same can be said now!

    1. They've had a huge rebrand and seem to only focus on mascara's now. Chumma back x

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! They look very boring to me but that's a lovely thing to say x


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