Thursday, 19 July 2012

Take a peek in my make up bag + FOTD.

Hi ladies

So I realise I have done nothing but reviews and swatches since I began blogging (EXACTLY A MONTH TODAY I subtly would like to add). The thing is before I began blogging myself, I pretty much only used blogs when I wanted reviews or swatches of a product I was interested in buying. However, I also realise there's much more for me to do on here so today I'll be doing something a little different.

My cousin graduated on Tuesday and I luckily got a ticket for the ceremony so I spent the night at hers as it was an early start. This is the make up I took with me.

I used a Clarins bag that the lovely Jools sent me (You can find her brand new blog here). It is the perfect size and deceptively fits quite a lot inside.

So this is what I took with me, although I've forgotten my balm, lipstick and gloss in my cousins bag. I took MAC's russian red and a red no7 gloss with me. Other than that as you can see I took the basics.

  • the silver tub is a bit of STEAMCREAM - which I have reviewed here.
  • On top of that I used the sample of porefessional which I got from Glamour mag.
  • For my under eye area and redness I use Garnier tinted roll on - definitely a HG product!
  • For my base I took 2 shades of the YSL touche eclat foundation which I have also reviewed here.
  • For my eyes I took the UD liquid liner and pencil liner both in perversion. I also took my ELF curlers and colossal mascara for the lashes and MUA clear mascara to set the brows.
  • Lastly, for the cheeks I took my Daniel Sandler waterblush.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Something a bit different for you I hope. As they say 'variety is the spice of life' and all that.

Please link me to your make up bag post in the comments section, if you've done something similar.

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. What a lovely selection of products :) Would you mind telling me what the Daniel Sandler Waterblush is like? I really want to try it but just haven't got round to it yet! Lovely blog btw :) xx

    1. Hi! Firstly thank you for commenting and i'm really glad you like my blog :) I will do a separate review on the waterblush so stick around but in short I like it. its good for my dry skin and is natural looking :)

  2. Hello Bean, you look lovely MashAllah! Russian red ehhh? I'm impressed with your courage! I have that too but it makes me look like a tart to be honest cos my lips are so fat!


    1. haha lol at a 'tart', yes courageous indeed! I didn't wear it full on though, just put a bit and sort of blended :)

  3. I'm impressed at how much you fit in there! Glad to know it went to a good home. I think I need some Daniel Sandler in my life
    And thanks for the shout out xx

    1. Went to a good home indeed. Talk to him on twitter, he's very sociable :p


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