Monday, 27 August 2012

Selectspecs glasses review - Bargain buy!

Hi ladies

Today I will be doing something very different! I have been wearing glasses for over 10 years now and have accumulated lots in that time. However, I have always bought them the traditional way i.e. a visit to the opticians. However, my latest glasses I got online at Selectspecs. I heard on the grapevine i.e. twitter that they were looking for bloggers to review glasses and considering myself very experienced in this field and intrigued to see how simple it would be to order online I tweeted my interest and found myself with a code to use on the site.

I found it extremely easy to order the glasses. I browsed the types they had and with my prescription at hand I ordered within 15 minutes. The only thing that took a while was measuring the Pupillary Distance as I needed some help from by brother for that. I was really impressed with how easy the site was to navigate and delivery took around 2 weeks and they estimated 7-14 days so spot on.

Here are the ones I chose at the BARGAIN price of £10 + p&p which was £4.

 This is how it comes with a useful lightweight case and a cloth to clean it.

These are the glasses I chose (hanging casually off the bannister). They are the Savannah glasses in Matt Brown and can be found here. It has a marbled sort of affect which I haven't been able to capture properly but is shown accurately on the website.

Now I must say I feel kind of silly. All these years of spending £100+ on a pair of glasses (fair enough designer, but I really am not bothered about that) when I could have ventured out of the box and looked online. To think these cost less than 1/10th of my current glasses makes me feel a little numb to be honest. I'm not going to pretend they are the best quality ever for a tenner. You can tell they feel cheaper and when I first held it was I surprised by how light it was. Having said that, they are more than satisfactory and I can afford to stock up on these in all sorts of colours and it won't break the bank.

I'm so glad blogging has introduced me to this! I would have obliviously spent loads of money in the opticians for years to come.

So that was it, my positive and enlightening experience buying glasses online. Thumbs up for SelectSpecs!

Till next time...Toodles! :)

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes palette 07 - swatches

Hi ladies

Today I will be reviewing and swatching a gift I received from Jo for my birthday. It is the Shimmer Cubes palette in the shade 07 which contains the colours ruby, dusted silver, argyle pink and rich bronze. I have never really considered buying this before but was really excited to receive as the colours look beautiful. The shimmer cube palettes are available on the Body Shop website for £16. They have lots of different shades.

As you can see there is a variety of beautiful shades and I was particularly excited by the Silver shade as I needed one for a wedding I'll be going to this week. You would be surprised how hard it is to get a decent pigmented silver that doesn't look grey or purple on application. Through trial and error I have acquired too many. I was really hoping it would be pigmented!

I wasn't disappointed! This is applied dry so I assume it would be even more vibrant applied wet. I applied the silver shimmer on my lids and must say other than some fallout (to be expected with the name shimmer cubes) I was very impressed.

What I also love is that you can take each one out so as I only need the silver one this week, I have taken that out to put in my travel make up bag. Nifty eh?


I'm glad Jo got me this for my birthday as I probably wouldn't have picked it up myself thinking it would only be shimmery without much pigmentation. Also the price would be another issue that would stop me purchasing it so thanks Jo! It is a very welcome addition to my collection.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Pencil eyeliner showdown!

Hi ladies

Today I will be taking you through all the black pencil liners I have. To be honest most of these I found rummaging through my mums make up box and nobody needs this many so I'll be swapping most of these over on BBS. Before I do that, thought it would be good to do a blog post on them.

From top to bottom:
MAC - smolder
Urban decay - perversion
Urban decay - zero
Miss sporty 
Rimmel soft kohl - spent way too long in storage
Topshop kohl
Opia - found in primark

Onto the swatches we go...

As you can see I forgot to add the Avon supershock liner in the bundle. Not sure how it was an afterthought as it's by far one of the best! The blackest and creamiest of the lot were the Urban Decay in Perversion, the Topshop kohl and the Avon liner.  It's a shame the Avon makes my eyes water like crazy (not sure why, it never happens with anything else).

At the other end of the scale I found the Miss sporty and Rimmel liners not to be up to the same standard. It's funny how your standards change when you've been exposed to the best. I used to use the Miss sporty liner all the time during College and found it to be more than satisfactory. I should add the Rimmel liner is quite old and probably isn't the best swatch but I have heard good things about it from others.

As always after a bit of rubbing...

The Urban Decay in Perversion definitely came out victorious in this battle! The reason I'm not a huge fan of the Topshop liner despite its pigmentation is that it smudges really easily.


Not surprisingly, just as the Urban decay liquid liner won the liquid liner throwdown in a previous post which you can see here, its pencil compadre does it again. I'd say you get what you pay for due to the Urban Decay but the Avon liner is absolutely fantastic and is half the price, so maybe this time I won't.

Which is your favourite pencil liner ladies?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wet n Wild palette in Petal Pusher - review

Hi ladies

Today I will be reviewing a Wet n Wild palette my beautiful bestie got me from the US. I have heard lots of rave reviews about this from American bloggers (call it the UK version of the sleek palettes if you will) so I had high expectations. This will be a very photo heavy post!

The left side has more light purple/lilac based shadows (not sure why it's coming up blue) and the right side has a much darker look. I'm not even sure how to describe the colours. The bottom 2 are almost brown and a multi toned dark green/black colour.

After I swatched it, I was extremely disappointed with the colour pay off. Other than the really dark colours everything else was quite powdery. So I added primer to my hands and went to town building it up till you could see the colours properly.

The right hand side is with flash which has made the primer underneath visible.
I was all ready to say how disappointed I was with the shadows till I decided to actually apply it on my eyes with the browbone, eyelid, crease & definer instructions. A heads up, I am not an expert at shadow. In fact I'm not even decent at shadow work, this is solely to show you how the shadows applied because as we all know, eye shadow isn't made to be swatched on our arms.

I was pretty impressed by this. I had to build up the lid colour but the crease colour was a whole other story! However, there was so much glittery fall out as you can see below.

I tried one side of the palette on one eye and the other on the other eye to show you how they both held up on application.

The lighter side took quite a lot of building up to get the colour pay off you see here. It gives a nice lilac toned subtle look, whereas the other side has much darker colours to create a smokier look. It would be a good palette to take you from day to night.


The lighter colours aren't as pigmented as I would have wanted and are also quite powdery. However, the darker colours have really good pigmentation. As I mentioned it would be a good palette to keep on you if you need a quick day to night change. However, it's a shame about the excessive fallout.

Have you tried any of these palettes?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Monday, 20 August 2012

My Eid look - FOTD/OOTD :)

Hi ladies

Today I'll be showing you how I did my make up on Eid which was yesterday. It marks the end of Ramadan and if you have any questions I have a FAQs post here.

Funnily enough other than a bright lip I was going for  a minimal look - yes you can see a big assortment of products here. I can't believe it took so much to achieve minimal. Le sigh. Just a heads up I didn't use the YSL lip stain as I couldn't muster up the courage so I replaced it with another bright red (MAC russian red) toned down with a dark liner underneath.

So, this is the look I achieved, with a quick peek at my outfit - which I also kept minimal as I wanted to wear statement red lips which I wouldn't have done had I worn a bold outfit too. I went for the classic black and red combo.

For the outfit I just wore a black, batwing style pleated 'abaya' (islamic clothing) with diamond embellishments and a black hijab.

As you can see I kept my eye make up very minimal - a mix of a skin toned MAC paint pot in Nubile and Rice paper all over the lid and in the inner corner to brighten. I then just used the Maybelline gel liner to define my eyes and put on mascara. No intricate eye look this time.

On my pics cheeks I used a teeny bit of Daniel Sandler water blush but as I didn't want too much colour on my face with the red lips, you can barely see it.

Lastly, as mentioned above, the statement red lip. Funnily enough, I had to share that I have only ever worn red lips (out of the house) twice in my life but my blog seems to paint a whole other picture.

I lastly wanted to show you how well the Maybelline liner held up and how bad the paint pot lasted. I accept it was a huuuuugely hot and stick day yesterday but I have found whenever using the paint pot my shadow creases, despite using primer underneath. 

So that was my Eid look. For those celebrating, hope you had a fantastic Eid and a fruitful Ramadan. May we continue the good deeds we've acquired throughout the year. For those not celebrating, hope you had a fab weekend basking in the sun!

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Urban Decay 24/7 liner collection - Review & swatches

Hi ladies

Today I will be showing you swatches of all my Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liners. I have lots of colours thanks to a set my mum bought many a moon ago from Debenhams (alongside the Book of Shadows II). I rarely wear the coloured ones and almost sold them a while ago but then figured it'd be nice to keep them for when I do brighter looks at Indian wedding ceremonies and the like. My review consists of the short and snappy sentence - pigmented/creamy/long lasting. They are one of the most raved about pencil liners so need I say more? Yes, they are £13.
This is my collection - a few mini's and a full size. Variety is the spice of life.


First, the 24/7 super stash mini's:

As you can see with the flash on the right, there's shimmer in most colours especially in Oil slick which is a black with silver specks.
Bottom to top:
Oil Slick

From bottom to top:
Midnight cowboy
I got these 3 from swaps over on BBS. So glad I got perversion! As we can see in the comparison below it really is much better than the black in Zero. I intended to use midnight cowboy as an inner corner highlight and baked as a base for my gold (mistakenly thinking it was half-baked, a true gold).

Perversion on the left is much creamier and way more pigmented!

I then tried to remove the swatches with my hot cloth cleanser and I really had to scrub A LOT to get it to budge. Having said that, lasting power is different on your hand and your waterline. Especially if you have watery eyes.


There are some things I wouldn't buy high end because you can get the same from the high street. Liners and mascara being some of them. The super stash mini's were good value from what I remember and the rest I got from swaps. Having said that I'm glad these are part of my collection and at £13 a pop I guess it's not toooo bad, as liners last a while.

Have you tried these? Which are your favourite liners?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What's in my Betrousse 'Summer Break' box!

Hi ladies

This morning I received the 'Summer break' box by Betrousse which I was sent by the company. Betrousse is the latest beauty box to hit the UK market however, they come with a difference. I personally haven't subscribed to a beauty box in a long time because I believe the frustration and anger that ensues on a monthly basis with all the blunders just isn't something I want to pay for. I'm part of an online beauty community where the majority of ladies sign up to the many boxes available and every month when people get their box (IF they get their box - different matter altogether) there is so much anger about the shambolic box they've received that month (with a smattering of people raving about the 'Good box' - again another topic altogether). You can see I have a lot to say about beauty boxes but I've had a post in my drafts for weeks now which I'll post soon.

BEAUTY BOX RANT OVER - Betrousse is a different concept altogether. You know exactly what it is you're buying so there is no shock factor come unpacking day. Plus there aren't tiny sachets of products which you get the joy of trying on half of your face - everything is full size. I genuinely believe that Betrousse is the way forward provided they continue to get full size products and a good mix of themes.

This box contains £109 worth of products and you can buy it for £19 (excluding postage which is £5) here. They also have plenty of other themed boxes if the contents of this one don't tickle your pickle. So let's see what is in the 'Summer box'..

The box is a lot bigger than the other beauty boxes because the products are also a lot bigger. It's also why delivery is more than the standard £2.95. It's the standard black and pink packaging and the box has an almost shoebox like feel to it so not as fancy as the others.

So this is what I received.  I like the menu style card that tells you what each product is, the size and how much it costs to buy.

Lilas blanc secret eclat jeunesse- 50ml - £36.50

This is meant to be the star of the box I assume at a whopping £36.50. It is an anti wrinkle cream that is 99.3% natural. It comes in a nice glass jar and has a nice 'inoffensive' scent. It looks like it would work well for dry skin as it seems nourishing packed with shea butter and jojoba oil. I assume the price tag is due to the anti wrinkle element and I obviously cannot comment on that just yet.

Orhis nourishing face cream - 50ml - £28

This face cream is 99.1% natural, free from parabens/silicones/alcohol and is not tested on animals. We're off to a good start here. The packaging inside the box unfortunately is quite cheap looking but it contains cottonseed and argan oil, so as we were all taught (I should hope) it's what is on the inside that counts.

Cinq mondes roses petal rain mist - 200ml - £28

Now I have to be honest, the above 2 products seem nice and are expensive which is all great but I'm not hugely into anti wrinkle creams and skincare type products. This mist however is very interesting! It's used to refresh and moisturise the skin and as this is a summer box I assume would be a perfect accompaniment to some pool side chilling. I dislike rose scented products but a quick spritz of this and I'm relieved to say it's not a heavy rose scent.

Cosmetoo nails Nail art kit express - £3.90

Now the product price drops drastically. I'm not a nail person at all and a bag of rhinestones and a pack of bow stickers just don't do it for me. However, the beauty of Betrousse is that you would know this BEFORE ordering so can decide for yourself.

Benta berry G1 moisturising face cream - 30ml - £12

I haven't heard of a cream for young skin before but that's exactly what the card tells me. It is made from 100% natural active ingredients and melts into the skin nicely. It claims to purify, mattify, sooth and balance. Apparently the subtle fragrance is designed by a famous perfumer but by this point I have so many products on my skin I can't tell one from the other (clearly a professional beauty blogger).

There was also a little sachet of shower gel as an extra.


I have to be honest and say I don't see why this is necessarily a summer box other than the rose spray. All this creams would lead me to believe it is a winter box but maybe I'm just missing the link? Even before I was told I'd be sent a box I was excited by the idea of Betrousse because if you couldn't tell by the rant above I'm sick of other boxes sending out poor quality boxes. Despite being more expensive than other boxes the USP here is you won't be in for a shock and you get full size products. FAB! Having said that £24 every month might be a bit expensive for most but it certainly is great as a little treat when a particular box takes your fancy.

Which is your favourite beauty box?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What I got for my birthday! :)

Hi ladies

I have waited a long time to do this post thanks to 'Royal fail, slow as a snail'. However, I was being stubborn and not blogging about something else (although it killed me) because this is my 30th post and I thought it would be fitting to be a celebratory type post. Hurrah! (Ok I have to say this made more sense in my head!) Either way 30 posts (has it really been that many!) , just a week under 2 months & 53 followers later (Edit: 55! EEEEEK!) I must say I am extremely proud of my blog!

Onto the fab goodies I received! I must say I got more presents this year than I usually do and that's solely down to the absolutely lovely ladies I have met online (it's not creepy I promise). I won't do the usual 'bragging' disclaimer that comes along with these posts. Just no.

Let's work our way from the left...

I received these beautiful goodies from Karen of memoriesmadeinsilver. She also has a facebook page which you can find here. Karen is one of the most lovely and generous people you shall meet and it helps that she is insanely talented. She has made me a mug before (and another for my cousins graduation/21st) and everything has been fantastic! Please do check her out if you are looking for a gift. Personalised gifts are the way to go!

The pink cake looking thing is a bath bomb from bareandbeautiful run by Sarah. She has a home run lush type business for natural bath products. Can't wait to try this as I've tried the Shea butter melts before. I've liked the group on facebook and Sarah seems lovely.
I store my scarf pins inside now :)

My gifts from the US of A! Unfortunately, due to a slight locking out mishap by the gift giver I seem to have misplaced the Bath & body works sanitising gel but it smells amazing! I don't even know what I'm most excited about! I HAVE TARTE, WET N WILD & EOS! wooooo! The revlon balm stain I shall talk about in another post but it's in a gorgeous raspberry shade called crush beguin.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN! Everything looks insanely yummy! I received this from the lovely Caroline who is a lovely fellow blogger and can be found at carolinescraftyadventures. She also has a youtube channel here so be sure to check her out!

The next lot is from my partner in crime, only known as Scoobs. How adorable is this egg mixer! Alongside my lovely apron and the cookbook I am good to go! As you can see I also received another balm stain in a lilac shade which again I shall talk about in another post! :)

This is what the hold up has been for and it sure was worth the wait! I was sent this by the lovely and hilarious Jo from jo-beautyandthebooks (another fab blog so check her out if you haven't already). A gorgeous set of candles including cranberry cupcake, cookies & cream, apple & toffee pie and lastly gingerbread man. I don't know which to burn first! The body shop quad will also work perfectly for an upcoming family wedding so yay!

This is a polka dot dress my mum bought me from (somewhat fittingly) Dotty P's AKA Dorothy Perkins.

Breathe ladies, breathe.
Last but certainly not least my beautiful friend SS of Cupcakery made me this MAKE UP CAKE!! I was very much gobsmacked when she knocked at my door. I don't think I need to say much, just admire away...I will add if you're looking to buy a cake, live in London and want a very reasonably priced treat than be sure to check out the FB page (where you can see her other creations).

I believe that is it. A HUUUGE thank you to everybody mentioned...I want to thank my Mum & Dad, without you....(sorry I think I got carried away) On a serious note I love and appreciate everything. Can't wait to start playing with it all :)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

FreeFrom Skincare Awards - winners and shortlisted products.

Hi ladies

Today I'll be doing something a little different. I'm not sure how many of you have heard of the FreeFrom Skincare Awards. Those among you who have researched natural products may have but in essence the awards are designed to encourage and reward manufacturers of skincare products that are 'free from' (geddit?) many of the allergens, chemicals, additives and artificial fragrances associated with skin sensitivities, allergies and health concerns. They are run by Michelle (editor of and Alex (deputy editor of in association with the Beauty Bible.

The awards in 2012 consisted of three categories; body & hair care, face care and make up products. The Awards were decided using a three-stage judging process, firstly by independent experts who shortlisted products for each category. These were then sent to independent testers whose feedback determined (somewhat fittingly with the olympics) gold, silver and bronze positions. Plus, an overall winner of the 2012 FreeFrom Skincare Awards!

If you would like to read Alex' review of the Awards you can find that here where he also goes into detail about the criteria they put in place for the products. I came across Alex on Twitter when he was asking for volunteers to road test some skincare products that were either shortlisted, or in some cases won an award. I expressed my interest and soon after I received a lovely bundle of products to try out.

These are all the products I received.

Today's blog post will be focused on the make up products as we all know that is my passion. This post would go on forever if I tried to talk about everything so I will leave the others for a (in the near) future post.

NATorigin lipstick in Lychee - Shortlisted

A quick search on the brand and I discovered that the label has been created to respect and preserve the environment. This hypoallergenic lipstick contains different natural oils in and you can really tell. Firstly, the packaging is cute being bright cerise pink. Importantly, it is very smooth and moisturising on the lips and although it looks dark in the bullet it is sheer so is perfect for an everyday lipstick. However, it is quite pricey at £15.50 for 3g and is available on the website.

Bellapierre lipstick in Catwalk - shortlisted.

Bellapierre has been included in a number of beauty boxes so the brand is a familiar one. The lipsticks are formulated with natural waxes and antioxidants such as vitamin C and E and the website informs me the mineral pigments provide natural protection from the sun (not that we've seen the sun in England this 'summer'). In the bullet I thought this was the colour I'd been looking for but on my lips it's a bit lighter than what I'd usually wear. Maybe something for fairer skintones? Either way it is smooth and pigmented so definitely a winner! You can find it for £14.99 here.

Bellapierre Mineral Eye Shadow in Lust - Bronze award

'Smooth, easy to apply', 'economical, and the colour holds', 'the best eye shadow I’ve ever used'.
This hypoallergenic product has graced a beauty box in the past although that was a champagne shade. Lust is a lovely deep purple which is soft as expected. I'm not the best at working with pigments but I'll give it a go. It is £12.99 and can be found on the website or in House of Fraser.

Essential care - Eye/lip liner in Brown - Silver award

Lovely colour', 'no drag', 'loved that it was so natural', 'long-lasting and no irritation'.
I'm not one for wearing brown liner in the day time because it is more 'subtle'. In fact we've already discussed this, I rarely wear make up day to day. Enough about me, the website tells me this liner is 64% organic and 100% natural. They are combined with 'organic jojoba, sunflower, shea butter and calendula for a rich, smooth texture'. It is a fairly pigmented pencil, however I don't find it any creamier than my other liner pencils. Having said that, I have no issues with irritation so that maybe the reason it won silver.  It is available for £12.50 here.

Fresh Therapies - Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover - GOLD AWARD

'Amazing to have a genuinely chemical-free nail varnish remover – how difficult must that have been to make', 'love the bottle', 'really does condition the nails while removing the polish – and was brilliant on hard, brittle cuticles', 'takes a bit longer and needs a bit more than the usual stuff but smells nice – and works!'

So this was the winner in the make up category! Sadly, this is the one thing I can't give an accurate review on as I never wear nail polish...EVER. I could attempt to put some on for the sake of a review but I'd have nothing to compare it with so there isn't much point. However, it must be pretty darn good if it won the make up category. Instead of leaving nails brittle, it is meant to moisturise them and your cuticles. I took a whiff and it smells faintly of lime going with the fresh theme alongside the name and green packaging. The full 50ml size is available for £12 here.

To conclude...

Entries for the 2013 award will open in January. They have 12 categories for the next Awards and you can find out more about them on the website here.

As I said I will be talking about the other products in another post so keep an eye out for that if you're a person that is conscious of staying away from the nasties in skincare products. If you're looking for more natural products or want to find out more about the awards I have left a few contact details below.

  • If you are interested in the awards contact
  • - they have a directory of over 200 'free from' skincare ranges ideal for problem skin!
  • @FFSkincareAward / @SkinsMatter

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

My top 2 purply lipsticks - Swatches galore!

Hi ladies

In the next edition of my lipstick collection, we'll be trawling our way through my masses of purple based lippies. Have no fear, I have all of 2! In the past year I have discovered against my skin tone a certain shade of purple lipsticks look fab (modesty at it's best). When somebody says 'purple lipsticks' I get an unappealing image in my head for some reason. Am I using the wrong word to describe these? Anyway unlike my inexpensive 'natural lippies' counterpart these sway more towards the higher end of the scale but they are just so nice!

So here we have from top to bottom one swipe swatches of:
MAC - Plumful
Benefit - No competition

MAC plumful - Lustre finish

You can find me gushing  reviewing this in my MAC lipstick collection post here. I hadn't ventured into plummy lippies till I set my eyes on this one and then it was like I fell in love with the whole purple lipstick family tree. Annoyingly I just could not get this to photo accurately. Layered on, which is how I wear it, it comes across darker than the swatch. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! (Note to self: Control yourself Mez)

Benefit full finish lipstick in no competition

We have discussed my frugal ways before on this blog (I hope you were paying attention) so your eyes do not deceive you, this is in fact a mini lipstick. I have a back up mini too from the lovely ladies over at BBS. This is darker than plumful and yes it is a one swipe swatch. The MAC Lustre's I find need building up which leaves them quite glossy (one of the downsides in my opinion) whereas this is richly pigmented and doesn't require any layering. get the full size or not? These mini's will probably last me a while so I'll mull it over.

If you are considering buying any of these please let me know what you think? Even if it is just so I can do my happy dance (I get excited when people buy things off my recommendation! SS I'm looking at you). Also any other purply based lipsticks I should check out?

I think the next instalment will be the iconic red lipstick! 

Till next time....Toodles! :)

Friday, 3 August 2012

My top 5 natural lippies - Medium skin tone edition

Hi ladies

Today I'll be walking you through my top 5 (read only 5) natural lippies. I was going to a lipstick collection post but figured it'd be better to break it down into categories.

I added Asian/medium skin tone edition because 1) I am Asian 2) they look natural on me 3) they might not be as natural on lighter skin tones and may look concealer nude on darker skin tones. However, they are lovely colours and although they may look different on you, they might still be nice so check them out.

They are mostly muted/browny based pinks. I don't do concealer nudes. I think they look nice on some fairer skin tones but it's definitely a no no for me personally. 

4 out of 5 below are inexpensive too so that's always a bonus :)

ELF moisturising lip tint in Rose, Natural collection moisture shine in Biscuit,  MUA shade 11,  Clinique long last lipstick in Blushing nude & MyFace cosmetics in Gigabite Get ready (?) - 252

From top to bottom:
Natural Collection

How awkward, that they all look the same!

Clinique - Blushing Nude

This is really creamy, pigmented and the brownest based pink of the lot.

MyFace cosmetics - 252

I believe MyFace has been discontinued as I picked this up in a mega sale. It is almost a browny reddy colour which again is quite natural with my lip colouring.

MUA - shade 11

Not really sure what happened with the on lips swatch on the right. It's not glossy, more creamy. I love MUA lippies, fabulous for the bargainous price! It's pinkier than the others.

Natural collection - Biscuit

Sorry for the dodge application, mine has broken so it was hard to apply. This is sheer and quite glossy.

ELF moisturising lip tint - Rose

This is definitely a lot brighter than the rest and a true pink! However, as it's only a lip tint, adding a few swipes gives a nice natural look. You could build it up for lovely rosey lips.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Which category should I go for next?

Till next time...Toodles! :)