Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What I got for my birthday! :)

Hi ladies

I have waited a long time to do this post thanks to 'Royal fail, slow as a snail'. However, I was being stubborn and not blogging about something else (although it killed me) because this is my 30th post and I thought it would be fitting to be a celebratory type post. Hurrah! (Ok I have to say this made more sense in my head!) Either way 30 posts (has it really been that many!) , just a week under 2 months & 53 followers later (Edit: 55! EEEEEK!) I must say I am extremely proud of my blog!

Onto the fab goodies I received! I must say I got more presents this year than I usually do and that's solely down to the absolutely lovely ladies I have met online (it's not creepy I promise). I won't do the usual 'bragging' disclaimer that comes along with these posts. Just no.

Let's work our way from the left...

I received these beautiful goodies from Karen of memoriesmadeinsilver. She also has a facebook page which you can find here. Karen is one of the most lovely and generous people you shall meet and it helps that she is insanely talented. She has made me a mug before (and another for my cousins graduation/21st) and everything has been fantastic! Please do check her out if you are looking for a gift. Personalised gifts are the way to go!

The pink cake looking thing is a bath bomb from bareandbeautiful run by Sarah. She has a home run lush type business for natural bath products. Can't wait to try this as I've tried the Shea butter melts before. I've liked the group on facebook and Sarah seems lovely.
I store my scarf pins inside now :)

My gifts from the US of A! Unfortunately, due to a slight locking out mishap by the gift giver I seem to have misplaced the Bath & body works sanitising gel but it smells amazing! I don't even know what I'm most excited about! I HAVE TARTE, WET N WILD & EOS! wooooo! The revlon balm stain I shall talk about in another post but it's in a gorgeous raspberry shade called crush beguin.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN! Everything looks insanely yummy! I received this from the lovely Caroline who is a lovely fellow blogger and can be found at carolinescraftyadventures. She also has a youtube channel here so be sure to check her out!

The next lot is from my partner in crime, only known as Scoobs. How adorable is this egg mixer! Alongside my lovely apron and the cookbook I am good to go! As you can see I also received another balm stain in a lilac shade which again I shall talk about in another post! :)

This is what the hold up has been for and it sure was worth the wait! I was sent this by the lovely and hilarious Jo from jo-beautyandthebooks (another fab blog so check her out if you haven't already). A gorgeous set of candles including cranberry cupcake, cookies & cream, apple & toffee pie and lastly gingerbread man. I don't know which to burn first! The body shop quad will also work perfectly for an upcoming family wedding so yay!

This is a polka dot dress my mum bought me from (somewhat fittingly) Dotty P's AKA Dorothy Perkins.

Breathe ladies, breathe.
Last but certainly not least my beautiful friend SS of Cupcakery made me this MAKE UP CAKE!! I was very much gobsmacked when she knocked at my door. I don't think I need to say much, just admire away...I will add if you're looking to buy a cake, live in London and want a very reasonably priced treat than be sure to check out the FB page (where you can see her other creations).

I believe that is it. A HUUUGE thank you to everybody mentioned...I want to thank my Mum & Dad, without you....(sorry I think I got carried away) On a serious note I love and appreciate everything. Can't wait to start playing with it all :)


  1. Hehe, lucky girl you had some lovely gifts and I always enjoy your blogs, very entertaining lol xx

    1. Very lucky indeed! Chuffed to bits and thank you again Karen! :) xx

  2. aww they're such nice gifts :) hope you had a good birthday :)x

  3. Happy birthday, honey!! lovely lovely presents... spotting the tart and eos... lucky girl! :)
    the cake is gorgeous too. xx

    1. Thank you Alex! I most certainly am a lucky girl :)

  4. Glad you like your present :)

    1. Love it! Going to plan a look with the shimmer cube tonight :) Thank you again! X

  5. I AM GRINNING FROM EAR TO EAR. What a sweet pea you are Bean! Chumma!!

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