Friday, 21 September 2012

A 'Sanctuary' in the hustle & bustle of Covent Garden

Hi ladies

I recently spent the day at the Sanctuary spa in Covent Garden, London. I had a voucher for the day spa costing £85 that my lovely cousin gifted to me last year as a joint graduation & 21st birthday gift, so off me and another cousin went.

From the outside, it doesn't look much. All you can see is the sanctuary shop located round the corner from Covent Garden station. However, there is so much lurking behind, you couldn't possibly imagine. Once you go through the doors of the shop and enter the spa, a gorgeous reception area awaits. The lovely lady at the reception offered us drinks while she checked us in and then we went off to get changed.

The changing rooms were lovely and as you can see there were hair dryers and sanctuary products available to use. How gorgeous is that wall you can see in the mirror reflection?

From memory there was the Sanctuary BB cream (I think I'm a fan from what little I tried of it. My friend over at fashionablycoveredup is a big fan!) They also had the facial cleansing oil, pore refining toner, illuminating moisture lotion SPF 15 (I usually like 'illuminating' products but even on my dry skin this seemed to leave me too shiny) and the facial oil. There were also products to use in the shower and body lotion. The only things I noticed that was missing included a comb (maybe that's an obvious thing to bring along but there have been disposable combs at previous spa's I have visited) & cotton buds (my ears were not very pleased the next day).

This is what we had throughout the day to eat. Lunch was nice but I noticed there wasn't much in the way of a vegetarian option beyond the pasta and panini we had. I didn't like the bread starter at all but the scones & hot chocolate were both very yummy! I believe this came up to just under £30 including the 10% service charge. Not exactly cheap, but we decided to treat ourselves. We ate this in the Koi Carp lounge but you can also eat upstairs in the restaurant.

Photo provided by sanctuary spa

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! This room was big and had lots of relaxing seating with plenty of cushions. The lights were dim so people just sat around reading the magazines provided by sanctuary, having a chitchat or even a little snooze. The fish were absolutely huge and I sat in awe of the room while finishing up Mini Shopaholic.

Throughout the day we visited the sauna, unfortunately while we were there, one of the sauna rooms was unavailable but luckily it was the Samarium (dry heat sauna) and I prefer a wet steam experience, which was available. I have been informed that the Samarium is up and running. We also enjoyed the bubbles in the two jacuzzi's which were so powerful, I found myself being lifted up. There was a big exercise pool which had floats (lucky me, as I can't swim and am afraid to life my feet off the ground without floats) and the iconic atrium pool with the fantastic swing! I absolutely loved swinging on that, there is nothing quite like it.

Our view while lunching
When I booked the spa day I was asked whether I wanted a complimentary visit to the sleep retreat or infrared sauna. The latter sounded painful so I went for the former. It's a dark room with beds that has low frequency sound waves, with a lady narrating a meditative story. I'm sure plenty of people fall asleep in that half an hour.

All of these things are on different floors so there is a bit of walking up and down stairs. If walking is difficult for you then be sure to keep that in mind.

Before leaving the spa we visited the shop which had lots of testers around. I enquired and was told the prices in the spa are the same as the prices available elsewhere such as in Boots. It's weird to leave the calm of the sanctuary and join the noise and craziness of Covent Garden once again.

I had a fantastic time at the Spa and hope to return one day but I'll be sure to keep my eyes open for any offers as £85 is quite a hefty amount. I would also like to try a treatment if I ever return.

So that was my review of the day spent at the Sanctuary Spa. Have any of you been? Which spa's in England do you recommend?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

They are constantly running competitions on their facebook page and on twitter @SanctuarySpa so it's worth having a look. They also run offers throughout the year for events such as Mothers day.


  1. Looks gorgeous! I had a spa day at Stobo Castle once and it was amazing x

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I cant believe all that is in Covent Garden - what a stunning place. There is nothing like a day at the Spa. So relaxing & I love Sanctuary products they always smell so luxurious.

    1. I know! It's crazy to think this peaceful place is in covent garden x

  3. Ahhh that spa looks so lush.
    I've always wanted to go, I love the look of the swing above the pool.

  4. You've already mentioned but you know I'm a MASSIVE Sanctuary fan! Apart from the BB cream which I love, I have the radiance face wash, toner, cleanser, eye brightening cream (bloody useless), body wash, body scrub, body butter and I had a few of their masks. I've used most of these products and will not be re-purchasing because of my current bank balance and I've never visited a spa but would definitely go to the Sanctuary if I could!


    1. Ermmmm blog post on your sanctuary collection please!

  5. Hiya, I finally got around to check out your blog and it's so lovely! Also really enjoyed reading this post and every single picture looks so pretty, I'd love to spend a day there myself! Haven't tried any Sanctuary products though. Looks like you've had a great day! :) xx

    1. Aww thank you! Hope you manage to get to the spa some day x

  6. That looks amazing!!!

    BTW I've nominated you for the 'I got bitten by the blog bug'


  7. That looks beautiful! Can I ask (sorry if this is a stupid question) but was it a "hijaab friendly" place. Like, was the swimming pool area ladies only, and did any blokes walk in on the treatment rooms etc etc. I find it so so hard to find spa's that are accommodating of hijaab. & this place looks lovely so I'd love to visit! Also what treatments exactly did the £85 include?

    1. Hi, it is an entirely ladies only spa so no men in sight :) The £85 is for spa facilities only, no treatments sadly x

  8. This sounds totally amazing! you were very lucky x


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