Saturday, 8 September 2012

Empties #2 - with a twist.

Hi ladies

Time for another Empties post! Like I said last time I love reading these so hope you like mine too. If you would like to see my first one click here.

I've realised that doing these posts has really motivated me to use things up so yet another point for blogging.

1. The beauty parlour 'buff it up' body scrub (200ml) - £4.99
I love love love this. I have already reviewed this in my scrubbing routine post here.
Repurchase? I might do that when I've run out of what I have although I like to try new scrubs.

2. Superdrug Naturals Coconut and sweet almond shampoo (300ml) - 99p!
I liked the scent of this and how much it lathered up but sadly after I finished the bottle and had a look at the state of my hair I was shocked and upset by how dry it had left my scalp. I have dry scalp issues as it is and this did nothing for that and left me very flaky. If you don't have these issues however, if might be worth a go but it was back to the medicated stuff for me.
Repurchase? Helll no.

3. Soap & Glory The righteous butter (150ml) - £10.50
I liked the smell of this and it left my incredibly dry skin moisturised but I find body butters are just too thick for me. There's too much drag as I try to rub it in and it takes forever.
Repurchase? No. I have lots of body lotions to use up and it seems I'm not a fan of body butters.

4. Lush lip scrub in Bubblegum (25g) - £5.25
I have a review of this here. I really enjoyed using it.
Repurchase? Going to try making my own.

5. Bharti Vyas Face & Neck polisher - sample from SSB. 125ml for £22.50 here.
I enjoyed using this sample while it lasted. It exfoliated fairly well and seemed to contain nut shavings so felt very natural.
Repurchase? No. Quite expensive and I've tried better.

6. Crush Chocolate Body Buff - Got a sample in the Beautylishious bag, more info here.
I quite enjoyed using this as the grains helped it to scrub the skin very well but there was quite a lot of friction, I wasn't particularly a fan of the smell and it seemed to leave a bit of an oily residue. While we're on the subject, if you're sick of the more common beauty boxes maybe you should give beautylishious a go? The lovely Harriette gives spoilers so you have an idea before purchasing. 
Repurchase? No.

Now for the 'twist'...

I raided my mums cosmetics box and found 2 lipstick empties!

7. Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in Coffee Shimmer
Can I get an 'OLLLDD SCHOOOOL'. This was my mums staple everyday lipstick till...

8. ELF mineral lipstick in Bare Brown - £5
This is a very natural looking lipstick which I believe she wears everyday. She (meaning I) have already repurchased this.

I have already started collecting for #3. Hope you enjoyed this ladies.

Till next...Toodles! :)


  1. I love empties posts! The first body scrub sounds good! x

    1. I always think of you when I do an empties post Sandra x

  2. Great post! I love empties post, shame the shampoo was rubbish 'coconut and sweet almond' sounds lovely. Nevermind :) xx

    1. Thanks Jess. Its only because I have really bad scalp issues but it might be worth a go for people that don't x

  3. I love reading empties posts! I'm the same with body butters, I have dry skin but find them too thick as well, and some have even broken me out (arm acne anyone?) so now I just stick to body lotions and use lots of it! Great post! x

    1. They are just so long to rub in and I end up using more than needed. Thanks for all your lovely comments Mary :)

    2. What can I say, I just really like your blog :)

    3. I am genuinely touched! Thank you so so much :)

  4. Hello! I like these empties posts, I could never do them cos if I decide I don't like something I just won't use it again.

    kisses xoxo

  5. I love reading empties posts, it's always interesting to see what other bloggers have been using up :) I had the same problem when I tried the S&G butter, I prefer my body lotions to sink in straight away instead! x

    1. Glad i'm not the only one! It seems everyone else loves body butters especially dry skin peeps like me x

  6. Nice post.^^
    Maybe follow each other???
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    1. Sorry I don't follow for follow but thanks for the comment.

  7. OMG my mom wears lipstick in Coffee Shimmer too!


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