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Weleda Citrus Deodorant review - Natural & aluminium free.

Hi ladies

Today I will be reviewing something different, something oh so glamorous...Deodorant. Now, I've never really been loyal to any one brand of deodorant and tend to just get what's on offer in Superdrug. As a result, I've never really looked in to natural deodorants but in the #LiveBloggers goody bag I received my first one. As always, prices first - the 30ml bottle costs £4.95 and the the 100ml retails at £8.95.

So why go natural? Is the weleda one any good? Keep reading...I mean if you want to of course. No pressure. Heads up - this is quite a wordy post. I felt natural deodorants required some explanation for fellow newbies out there.

As you cans see I have used this a number of times

Why go natural?

Now I am not an expert on all things natural by any stretch of the imagination but I vaguely knew that most traditional antiperspirants contain aluminium salts which works to stop the body from sweating  perspiring. Deodorants on the other hand, do not attempt to stop perspiration but instead tackle the odour that can potentially be left from excess perspiration. Some people go aluminium free with their deodorants as they are allergic to traditional deodorants but others just choose to go for the natural/chemical free option. Now, I am not one to get into all the scare stories but a quick google search and the top results relate to the health consequences of using aluminium which I will not go into here. In short, natural products allow the body to continue it's functions without clogging pores and using harsh chemicals.

Weleda citrus deodorant - Key Ingredients

·         Organic Alcohol: mildly disinfectant, cooling and refreshing
·         Biodynamic Lemon Peel Oil: bacteriostatic, refreshing, providing fragrance
·         Natural essential oils: bacteriostatic, providing fresh, tangy fragrance

First thoughts/packaging

Now I've explained a bit about natural deodorants let us discuss the weleda one in particular. As I mentioned this is the only one I've ever tried and at first I was so confused. I had to tweet Weleda asking whether this was a deodorant in the traditional sense i.e. underarms or a body spray? It just seemed really weird to me as this has a body spray pump as opposed to coming in the aerosol can I am so use to. As it comes in a glass  bottle I don't think it would be very good for travelling but the packaging states it is refillable?

For some reason I had a fear that it would sting but other than the very first time I used it, when for some reason I felt it sting a little (psychological maybe?) it has been completely fine. It feels light and refreshing as soon as I apply it. 


At first I was a bit taken aback by the scent. I usually love citric scents but this is so strong and smells like full on lemons (a mixture of lemons and alcohol according to other reviews). Not a 'tailored to be appropriate for a beauty product' type of lemon scent but a full on lemon scent. At first I found it extremely overpowering but it has since grown on me and I associate it with cleanliness (and if i'm honest maybe even kitchen cleaning products?!) I quite like that it feels cooling when I apply it and as much as I disliked the scent to begin with I quite like the revitalising scent now. 

Does it work?

The packaging says that it aims to neutralise unpleasant odours without clogging pores and maintains the natural regulating functions of the skin. I have never really had an issue with unpleasant odours so in all honesty I'm finding it hard to truly comment on that. The scent is strong so I would imagine that if somebody did have a problem with this then the weleda would work in neutralising that. It doesn't leave me feeling sticky and although it is extremely watery it dries quite quickly.


I am enjoying using this more than I thought I would. However, I have started using this after the summer bid us farewell and I don't have issues with perspiration outside the summer months. Having said that I use deodorant all year round and although I may end up sticking to antiperspirant in the summer months (naughty I know) natural deodorants would give my body a break the rest of the year.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Weleda can be found in independent health stores, waitrose and pharmacies.


  1. Did you have to smell your 'pits for this review? Hahaha!

  2. Great review!! I also used to buy just the cheapest, whats on offer deodorant in boots but I wanna try something natural next. This sounds lovely.
    I read that it can be dangerous because of the proximity of the armpits to the breasts, too and the harsh chemicals can travel to breast tissue ... scary stuff! xx

    1. Thanks Alex! :) Yes, I didn't want to mention all that because I think sometimes people can go overboard but yes I did read about the relation of aluminium and cancer/alzheimers x

  3. Hey there! Just dropping by. Found you at this new FB group I just joined in earlier.

    I like Weleda, although I can't say much about the whole range, but the Weleda Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is our favourite. My little guy loves it and doesn't react with it plus you know it's all the good stuff in there and no nasty chemicals. This product sounds good although like you, I probably will feel a bit put off with the strong smell. Might check it out somewhere where I can take a sniff and smell for myself LOL. Thanks for sharing. ;-)

    Would love to have you on my blog ;-)

    xx D

    1. Thank you! Will be sure to take a look at yours when i'm on the laptop :) x

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