Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Gift idea - No7 Mini Eye palette including an eye look!

Hi ladies

I swatched this No7 Mini Night-time compact palette ages ago with the intention of doing a post but when I couldn't find it on the Boots website I figured it would be pointless. However, recently I was browsing Boots and among all the Christmas goodies I found an almost identical palette priced at £10 and let out a little cheer. It's also on offer with the rest of the 3for2 products across the store.

I received this as a gift otherwise I don't really pick up No7 cosmetics. I'm not quite sure why but I tend to see it as a Boots own brand and bearing that in mind the prices are quite high. At the same time I know the quality is great. 

It comes wrapped perfectly for gifting as you can see but once you take it out of all the packaging the palette itself is very sleek and small. It also comes with a great mirror and little applicators.

A bunch of shimmery blue/green shadows + highlight. I love the imprint on the shadows. How cute?

The last 2 shadows are highly pigmented although as always with high street eyeshadows the lightest highlight shade takes a bit of building up on my skin. The next 2 lighter colours are very shimmery when put all over the lid with not much pigment.I don't really wear green/blue shadows so I'm not sure how much use I will get out of this but it's a small sleek palette to take away with me if I intend to wear these colours.

I know this looks weird but this would look fairly normal with some black liner and lashings of mascara.


If you're on the lookout for gifts approaching the festive season and have a friend who likes their bright shadows, this could be a nice set to give. It comes wrapped nicely and the quality is also decent for the majority of the palette so buy it in the 3for2 and that's one less gift to worry about.

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. I've been eyeing this set up quite a lot only thing is it doesn't have my type of colours :( xx

    1. Aww that's a shame. need to see what other sets they have x

  2. The shades look quite nice but just the fact that it's a gift set totally puts me off. Bleugh!

    1. Yeah I actually understand what you mean.


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