Sunday, 2 December 2012

Enamoured: 80 Years of Revlon!

Hi ladies,

So this post is going up a little later than anticipated so apologies for that. The plan was to get it up whilst the exhibition was still ongoing so you could pop by if it tickled your fancy but alas, twas wasn't to be. On Friday me and my homie over at fashionably covered up swung by the exhibition, not before some major confusion as to where the Film museum was and then finding the exhibition in what looked like the Transport Museum!? I am still confused to this day and because of this we were too late for the 'while supplies last' gift bag. Aah well, on to more about the actual exhibition. It's a photo heavy post!

The exhibition in Covent Garden charted 80 years of Revlon and was set up by Ryan Lanji. Who knew Revlon was so old? You? Oh ok Ms Smartie Pants.


Revlon was founded by Charles Revson - yes RevSon not revLon. The L in the brand name was introduced because of a fellow co-founder. We all know who got the short straw there. Just Saying.

The first thing we saw was this big nail polish made up of lots of little polishes -  it was quite impressive but I had already seen pictures online before going (naughty me) and so the surprise factor wasn't there.

This was something else I had seen a photo of online unfortunately -  Lips, made up of lots of little plastic (?) lipsticks.

Without context, this photo looks very weird. However, the first pair of red bottom Louboutins apparently got their colour from a Red Revlon nail polish. How interesting is that?

I was fascinated to find out that Revlon doesn't actually have a display of all these old revlon products somewhere in their HQ so they went to boot sales and auctions to find these classic products. How old school do they look? A mile away from the packaging of current high street make up.

So that's that - hope you enjoyed this post. It seem's to have been a good year for Revlon with all their raved about products including the lip butters and balm stains, so it was a great time for the exhibition.

Thank you to my friend for taking these photos with her snazzy camera. Be sure to go over to her blog and say hi!

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Beautiful event! Love the lipstick lips

  2. Lovely pics and good informative post. xx

  3. That's odd, if I had a company I would keep all the packaging lol! Love the post! xo

  4. Hello!! I was disappointed with this. I thought there would be way more than there was!


    1. Tbh I agree but I didn't bother saying it because it was over by the time I wrote this and so it's not like people could go. I think it was more for 'history of beauty' enthusiasts x


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