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FreeFromSkincare Awards #2

Hi ladies

Back in August I did a post about the FreeFromSkincare Awards which celebrate the best skincare products that are 'free from' allergens, artificial additives and other potentially problematic ingredients. At the time, I reviewed the make up products that were shortlisted in the 2012 Awards and today I'm back to talk about some of the skincare products I received. 

Before I get into the mini reviews, I just wanted to mention that the FFS Awards 2013 will be opening next month. The lovely Alex Gazzola, Deputy editor of skinsmatter informs me the only changes from the last awards are that it has grown from four categories to twelve. You can find out all about it here.

Kadria sophyto super concentrate bentley lotion green people anti ageing ecz-tend
I won't be discussing all of the products above.

Sophyto Super Concentrate Oil - Pomegranate and cranberry fruit oil - £34.95/30ml
  • Anti ageing
  • prevents sun damage
  • Cruelty free
  • vegan
  • gluten free
Read the 'About Us' section to find out more about their principles and ethics - Sophyto website.

I use this on nights, once in a while when I feel my skin needs a moisture boost. I don't really have anything else like this to compare it too. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soaks in really well so I wake up with smooth skin. I like the pipette applicator and the jar packaging. The only disappointment is the scent - it isn't fruity like you'd imagine although they are apparently the base notes. It is fairly expensive but with quality 99% organic ingredients, it's a case of getting what you pay for.

Bentley Organics Calming body lotion - Lavender & Chamomile - £4.82/250ml
  • 90% organic ingredients
This range has everything from nappy balm, soap, shampoos and lip balm! What's best is despite the Organic label, it all seems pretty inexpensive. I'm not a fan of the scent of Lavender but I quite liked this. It isn't strong Lavender but has quite a fresh scent to it. I found it quite a thick consistency and therefore not the easiest to rub in all over the body but perfect when you have time to indulge or for extra moisture in certain areas during these winter months.

Borealis Organic skincare - Calendula Daily defence cream - £17.75/45ml - won bronze.
  • Natural and organic - No parabens/SLS
  • Handmade in Sussex
  • Apricot/Macadamia and Red Raspberry seed oil
Find out more about the ingredients here.

A sample of this was in the white pot you can see in the photo. I found this really hydrating and had a floral/herbal scent (Go figure - a quick google and Calendula is a herbaceous plant). It had quite a solid texture but this may have been due to the container I received the sample in.

Barefoot SOS Face and Body Rescue cream - 25ml/£5.95 - 100ml/£18. Won Silver.

This was my favourite product of the bunch! They claim to be a lifeline for sufferers with extremely dry, sensitive, irritated or uncomfortable skin. Suitable for all ages and those prone to eczema and psoriasis. I can't comment on most of that but my gosh, it provides extreme moisture! It left my lizard like body, flake free for ages. It almost has a gel like consistency and has a fresh smell to it. It contains real french lavender, neroli and chamomile.

I don't really discuss 'free from' or organic products on my blog so for those interested in it, hope you found this post useful. If you're interested, do check out my previous post on the awards where I go into much more detail. Also Sarah from Sugarpuffish has blogged about the awards and is much more knowledgeable in this area then I am so check out her post.

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. So nice to see different skincare brands, thank you!

    1. Glad I introduced you to something new. Thank you for reading and commenting :)

  2. Great reviews - the Sophyto oil sounds just right up my street! :) x

    1. Thanks Alex - let me know if you try the Sophyto x

  3. As you know Free From is what I blog about. I too like the SOS cream it's fantastic for eczema. I also like the Borealis cream & Sophyto Oil. I've reviewed them all if any readers want to hear about them from the prospective of someone with allergies & eczema.

    1. I've now added a link to your post Sarah :)

  4. Oooh! I have been so blah with my skincare and whenever I see a skincare post, I'm like I need to do something with my skin besides wash it with soap and use aveeno. I mean my skin is good to me for the most part with the exception of the occasion blemish. Do you like aveeno? I hear nivea is really good, what do you think?


    1. I have only ever used an aveeno moisturiser but nothing else. My skin isn't sensitive so I can use anything luckily. I guess Nivea would be a good inexpensive place to start? x

  5. This is way too detailed skin are for me. As you know I'm more about convenience which is not a good thing but at the same time I don't really suffer from dry skin etc. Great post though, something different!

    1. I am working on converting you madam! I am not a skincare lover at all and just do the basics but I want you to turn around and say 'yes mez it's made such a difference to my skin' lol!

  6. I love Barefoot's SOS cream, so great for when my skin's playing up during winter :) x


    1. It seems like the perfect winter saviour!


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