Thursday, 13 December 2012

Mememe "Blush Me Blush Boxes".

Hi ladies

Today we have a short post I found in the depths of my drafts. Just a quick review and a few swatches of the MeMeMe Blush Me blush boxes. I had the one in Rouge and when I went to Superdrug I swatched the other three in the range (like a crazy woman - all in the name of blogging).

As you can see it comes in the style of the Benefit boxes and has a little brush inside too. Rouge is a beautiful colour contrary to the almost red looking 'virtual' swatch on the website (what are those swatches actually called?!).

The lid also has a decent sized mirror so when push comes to shove you have a mini brush and mirror for ease of application. You'd need to do some serious blending if you were to use that brush though (unless you're going for that look. No judgement).

mememe coral pink bronze rouge

From top to bottom:
The blushes are very soft and pigmented. The pink one would we way too light for my skintone and the bronze looks like it would make a gorgeous eyeshadow. Coral looks quite orange and is probably one for the daring or woman with a deeper skintone.

They retail for £8.50 which considering how much you get and the packaging isn't too bad. They are currently on sale for £6.50 on the mememe website. If you don't want to order online you can save £1 in Superdrug.

Have you used anything from this brand?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. I've been looking to try these but can't persuade myself to buy one because I have so many blushers :( xx

  2. I've not tried any Me Me Me products. You know I love a good blusher though! The Rouge colour looks lovely - it's a good price as well (as you say)for the amount of blusher in the box. I imagine it would last for ages! Now the question is can I resist?! xx

  3. I have only tried a face primer from ME Me Me and I really liked it.
    this blushes look like good quality too... rouge is definitely my favourite - good choice! x

    1. Yeah rouge is definitely a lovely colour x

  4. Hmm. I don't think I would try this, the colours look abit funky to put on your cheeks. But I wouldn't buy it even if I wanted to on account of all the blushes and bronzers we have at home!

    1. Nah once it's blended in it would look different but obviously these finger swatches are just to show you the colour and so not blended. Either way you have too many you're right! x

  5. The colours look 'scary' swatched straight, but much more wearable when blended out. I am toying with the idea of getting a coral colour to add to my collection. Not really tried it before, but think it might give a nice colour for the summer. x


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