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Mez's Beauty Awards 2012 - Best of the Brushes!

Hi ladies

Welcome to the last ever post on my 2012 beauty awards! (Yes I am aware I seem to have switched between Beauty Awards and Make Up Awards - Doh!) We are ending the series with my most used make up brushes of 2012. At the end of last year I was obsessed with collecting brushes! I haven't bought any this year but that doesn't mean I haven't wanted to pounce on the Real Techniques sets and more recently the MUA brushes. Aaah well, I must continue to resist because I have more than enough. 

Before we go on to the winners I would like to add that a lot of these brushes aren't ones I would particularly recommend. I know that sounds weird as they are the ones I use whenever I apply make up but if I was to go back and build my collection, I wouldn't buy some again. Also, I haven't included prices for the MAC limited edition or sigma brushes because it depends entirely on where you buy it. That said, on we go...

The award for the best foundation brush goes to...Sigma round top kabuki f82.

I got this last year during the Black Friday free international shipping offer the US Sigma website holds yearly.  It is soft, very dense and and in the whole year has never shed. It makes buffing in foundation very easy and it is one of the best brushes I own.

The award for the best concealer brush goes to...Sigma tapered blending brush e40.

This was my poor man's thrifty ladies answer to the MAC 224. Although, it does the job of blending in my under eye concealer (& soft eyeshadow blending) it shed like crazy! It seems to have calmed down as of late but overall during the year it has lost a lot of hairs. I give it the award however, solely because it's what I used for concealer in addition to my finger.

The award for the best powder brush goes to...ELF kabuki face brush - £6

This is a really soft brush that is great for either lightly sweeping setting powder or buffing in powder. It is huge so it doesn't take long to cover the face. However, I am wary of washing it because I have a feeling that the bristles lost it's tight shape due to washing.

The award for the best blush goes to...MAC blush brush 129 SE

This is the only blush brush I own and again that's solely why it win's this category. I sold a few of my eye shadow MAC SE brushes this year because I just found they weren't the softest brushes in my collection and although I've kept hold of this, the bristles do feel quite course. I guess it's right what people say about the poor quality of limited edition SE brushes. However, it's a nice size and I'm sure the normal size would be softer.

The award for the best' flat eyeshadow packing on colour' brush goes to...ELF eyeshadow 'C' brush - £3.75

This is my go to brush for packing on colour. It is very dense and the 'c' in its name comes from the idea that used on it's side, you can use it to blend colour.

The award for the best blending brush goes to...Sigma blending e25 brush 

Like the concealer blending brush, this was my answer to the MAC 217. Again, like above, it does the job it's made for well but it shed like you wouldn't believe. I actually had to contact Sigma and they sent out a replacement but even that shed. It makes me wonder how long before all the bristles have fallen out but till then it does a good job.

The award for the best gel liner brush goes to...Sigma small liner e10

I use this with my Maybelline gel liner and it helps liner noobs like myself achieve a thin winged line. Although the sharp point means it's not the most comfortable thing to pull over the eyelid that's what helps me to achieve a thin line.

So, that's that ladies...We have come to the end of my Beauty awards 2012! In hindsight, this probably wasn't the best category to end on as I had quite a lot of negative things to say about the 'winners' but what you gonna do?

Thank you for all the lovely comments and tweets during this series - I was chuffed to see it had the intended result and it was worth the effort. It was also nice to see which of my winners were also your favourites throughout the year of 2012 and which ones didn't work as well for you.

*What time is it? Cheesy time*

The most obvious winner of 2012 was this blog. I can't believe how obsessed I've become with blogging in these 6 months (this is my 86th post) and I honestly can't remember what I spent my spare time doing before. Thank you to all my followers, regular commenter's, twitter buddies, 'real life' supporters and my experienced blogger friends who have coached me throughout. I can't believe I'm ending the year with just over 160 GFC followers and over 25000 page views. It well & truly boggles my mind. Here's to a successful 2013 for us all!

Till 2013...Toodles! ;)

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  1. My favourite brush has to be the Real Techniques Stippling brush, I honestly don't know how I lived without it! Happy new year Mez.



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  2. I love the real technique brush sets. I've had both for over a year and not a single shed! Brilliant sets of brushes, especially for the price. xxx

    1. I've heard nothing but good things :)

  3. Everyone raves about Sigma, but I'm scared of the shipping charges! I got some more RT Brushes today, I loooove them!

    Danniella x

    1. I wouldn't ever order without free shipping and nobody mentioned the shedding :(

  4. I really like the f82 as well. The 217 is expensive but worth it in my opinion

    1. It's amazing isn't it? As for the 217 I couldn't get myself to spend that money as I have lots of blending brushes that do the job :)

  5. You have some great brushes here! Ive recently got all of the RTs and 2 Elf brushes as gifts, lucky me! Really want to try some MAC ones! Any suggestions as to what should be my first? xox

    The Style Khaleesi

    1. I don't have any full size MAC brushes but If I was going to get one it'd be the 224, 217 or the small blush/contour brush I think x

  6. Uhm I think our brushes are due a wash. Lol. Greatttt post as always! X

    1. Haha I think we passed that stage ages ago x

  7. great post hun, thanks for linking it :) all these brushes look great.. but expensive lol! *stingy*.. i have the boots N7 blending brush which looks pretty similar to ur sigma Sigma blending e25 brush .. xx


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