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Mez's Make Up Awards 2012 - All things Eyes!

Hi ladies

Nice to see you lovely ladies again.  Previous years when I wasn't as brave with lip colours I've been all about the eyes - I collected lots of sleek eye shadow palettes at the end of last year and I only got two this year. I have been trying to sell as many as I can because I just don't use them enough. I have hooded lids and I find it hard to recreate looks and make it look good or even noticeable; so this year I was less about the shadow and more about liner and mascara. Intro over - on we go...

The winner of the best pencil eye liner goes to...Urban Decay 24/7 liner in perversion -£13

I believe I discovered this shade of 24/7 liner this year and I have never looked back. Neither at a new brand or the shade zero (I thought that was the best liner ever till I discovered this). It is the creamiest, blackest liner I have ever come across. The only negative is that it has ruined all other liners for me.

The award for the best liquid liner goes to...Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner in perversion - £14

The 2 Urban decay liners make the perfect pair! Long lasting, extremely pigmented and easy to apply. This has the thinnest brush I've ever seen which makes a thin line easier than other liquid liners. It stays on all day too as it is waterproof so I turn to this when I need my liner to last the whole day.

The award for the best gel liner goes to...Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel liner - £7.99

This is the only gel liner I've ever used so I can't compare it to the MAC or Bobbi Brown ones but I've seen lots of reviews and people have said they either prefer this or that this compares to the higher end counterparts. This is creamy and pigmented. It also comes with a thin brush which makes it quite the bargain but I personally use another brush with it to achieve my thin flick. My mum finds that pencil liners never last on her waterline so she has been using this on it and it works great there too.

The award for the best mascara goes to...Maybelline Colossal volume express - £7.19

I used this for a big portion of the year and that's pretty much why it swung it. I did a review for this when I originally began using it and lot's of readers were impressed by it. It has a big brush which takes some getting use to if you usually use thin brushes.
Honorary mention: I have also used Maxfactor false lash effect and Lancome Hypnose near the end of the year but not as much as this. All of them have been great.

The award for the best 'high end' eyeshadow palette goes to...Urban Decay Book of Shadows II

Oh that dent in flipside kills me every time.

Although, I was gifted the Naked palette this year I have not given it a proper whirl. I only pull out this bad boy for Indian weddings where I feel comfortable using these bright colours. This is the palette that introduced me to the gorgeous gold shade - half baked and I have since got it in a single pan. I'm not sure where you can get this palette nowadays but this wins because it's what I've used the most (even then at most 6 times this year).

The award for the best 'high street' eyeshadow palette goes to...MUA heaven & earth - £4

I've been using this to play about with neutrals all year. The colours are very creamy and pigmented and these small, sleek and inexpensive palettes are perfect for travel. MUA shadows I've found are amazing quality and another one I've had my eye on is 'undressed' but I can't justify that as I already have the naked palette (I love that they made the duping so obvious they just used a synonym for naked).

The award for the best curlers goes to...ELF mechanicals eyelash curlers - £1.50

The mechanical spring mechanism in this helps to give a very tight curl. It's pretty much the only curlers I've used (other than testing the shu uemura curlers out in store which were fantastic and completely different in style). I feel these do the job and they're still going strong even though I've had them for well over a year.

Yet another set of awards come to an end - I only realised after this post how much Urban Decay I use in terms of eye make up. It seems to be their speciality.

The next set of awards will be up in a few days so keep your eyes peeled for that but till then don't forget to comment with your favourites of 2012 or even better; write up a post and link me up. I am so chuffed with the response I've had to this series and it's definitely been worth all the effort!

Hope you all had a fantastic few days this holiday.

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Love reading these awards Mez :) x

  2. Lovely post dear :) I love the Colossal Volume mascara, it's one of the best drugstore mascaras! Also got both MUA palettes, Undressed and Heaven&Earth and though the shades are similar, they aren't the same :) x

  3. Urban decay liners are really good. I also love the MUA Palettes. x

    1. Thank you for all the comments Alice :)

  4. Oh my god! I have the first 4, they're all amazing! Love these 2012 faves, keep them coming!


  5. Great selection! Really want to try the elf eyelash curlers now!

    1. Thank you. They've done the job for me :)

  6. I've really been enjoying reading your awards series.

  7. These awards are fab! I really need to get the perversion liners. Like urgently. Kisses!


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