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Mez's Make Up Awards 2012 - Face & base products.

Hi ladies

We're nearing the end of this 2012 award series. Today I'll be talking about base products which is very important to me. I think foundation can make or break a look and a cakey base is a huge pet peeve of mine. I have dry skin and foundation can easily look flaky so I have to work hard pre foundation to make it look as dewy and natural as possible. Family and friends think I'm somewhat OTT with my hatred for cakey foundation but I just can't leave the house like that. On to see what products I use to achieve this...

The award for the best foundation goes to...YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat - £28

This is the year I discovered this foundation and my review of this is actually my most viewed post! I remember seeing Fleur's video on this and knowing immediately I had to try it out. I picked up a few samples and that is what I've been using since the summer. It has the perfect, natural glowy finish. In addition to having loads of foundations to use up, another reason I have not bought the full size is because I am in between shades. BD50 is too light and BD60 is dark so I mix the two samples.
Honorary mention: My HG foundation of all time is MAC face & body. I have also been using Bobbi Brown stick foundation recently which is nice too.

The award for the best concealer goes to...Garnier anti dark circles 2-in-1 tinted eye roll on - £10.49

Ultimate HG product of 2012! I love this product. If you read my empties post you'll know it lasted forever! Whenever I thought it had finished, it just kept giving. It seems to have oxidised in the tube so for the last few months it hasn't performed like it did at the start but to be fair I've had it forever. It is pretty much always half price and for a fiver, it's a bargain of a concealer. It isn't particularly for covering blemishes but is perfect for a bright under eye look! Having said that me and my cousin use it all over our faces when we're not using foundation and you'd be surprised with the coverage. That's enough raving but a huge 10 out of 10.

The award for the best primer goes to...ELF mineral infused primer - £6

I've nearly finished this - I've been taking off the lid and scraping it out. I have dry skin and find that even though I moisturise loads I need silicone based primers to give me an almost greasy base to avoid the dreaded cakiness. This is definitely not for people with combination or oily skin because the foundation would slip right off. I'm surprised at how much it now costs but I never make an ELF order without a discount code anyway.
Honorary mention: I use steamcream as a 'primer' sometimes too because it is so moisturising it gives me an almost 'oily' base but in a good way for my dry skin.

The award for the best setting powder goes to...ELF mineral booster - £5/£7

Another HG product - I actually sold my MAC MSF natural because I didn't see what it did that this couldn't. It photographs really well and doesn't make my face cakey. You get so much product and it lasts forever.

The award for the best blush goes to...Daniel Sandler watercolour blush in Gentle - £14.50

I'm not a huge blush fan and always pop on something that is so natural that it is barely visible, preferring to add colour on my lips and eyes. I add a very small amount of this on my cheeks as you can see in my review post and it does the job whilst adding to the dewiness of my foundation. (It is currently on sale for £11.60 + free delivery on FeelUnique).

The award for the best eyebrow product goes to...ELF treat & tame - £3.75

I did an in depth review of this recently on my blog when I compared it to the ELF eyebrow kit. It has been an absolute saviour for me since I have stopped grooming my brows. It is the perfect, natural looking way to tidy up your brows.
Honorary mention: MUA clear mascara - Can you believe that tube was clear at one point? It has slowly taken on the colour of the Tame product but I use this to keep my unruly brows in place.

We have one more awards post to come which will be about my favourite brushes of 2012. I hope you've enjoyed them all so far and as I always say, please comment with your favourites or link me to your post or video.

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. I've always seen the Garnier eye roll on around but never seemed to pick it up, but I think I will now! Great post as ever Mez, looking forward to the brushes post ;) Xx

    1. It's awesome - you won't look back x

  2. I love the Garnier eye roll on. It's my fave under eye concealer too. :) x

  3. Really want to try the Daniel sander blush x

    1. Yeah it's definitely a great blush :)

  4. I can't believe I still haven't tried the YSL foundation. everyone raves about it. x

    1. Maybe 2013 will be your year to try it? x

  5. Ooh I really want to try a Daniel Sandler blush! xx

  6. Mez maybe I should try the YSL foundation? Ps these awards of yours are making me want to go out and buy these products. Not good. But great! Xoxo

    1. Your foundations tend to be more matte so not sure how you'd get on with this. You can try mine though?


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