Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Etat Pur B37 Radiant complexion care & B38 Ultra-Moisturising care

Hi ladies

So far I have been lucky enough to try 3 products from the Etat Pur range including the Micellar cleansing water which I love and have reviewed here. I received the B37 Radiant complexion Care (£13.50 for 40ml) in the #bbloggersxmas goody bag last month and the B38 Ultra Moisturising Care (£12.60 for 40ml) in my #livebloggers goody bag earlier last year .

They both come in lightweight plastic packaging with a pump. They don't really weigh much and are quite slim so are perfect for travelling.

B38 - Ultra-moisturising care

This is a creamy gel based moisturiser that quickly absorbs into the skin. I'm not a huge fan of the scent which is a very faint floral scent (I could be wrong) but it isn't anything particular off putting. Etat Pur claim it is an excellent base for make-up and ideal for anyone with dehydrated skin. I found that it wasn't enough for my dry skin in the winter months and left it almost tacky to touch so it wasn't my first choice when applying foundation. It is lightweight though so I may use it in the warmer months but in general I don't think gel moisturisers are for me.

B37 - Radiant Complexion Care

This is an apricot tinted 'moisturiser'. It is meant to help dull complexions by making the skin radiant and bright whilst evening out the complexion without foundation. I was excited to try this because I have never come across a tinted moisturiser that has been moisturising enough on my skin. I tried to make this work for a month but sadly to no avail. My skin is just too flaky for a product like this and I think it is because it is designed to mattify the shiny zones in combination skin. Trying this without moisturiser was a complete No No but even with moisturiser underneath it just reacted weirdly on my skin. I can't think of a word to describe it but I have a photo below so if you can think of how to describe it then please comment below (blogger fail).

When I rubbed on my skin weird bits like this came off.

Not quite the look I go for.
The product does somewhat even out my skintone but it gives it a noticeable pinky tinge on my yellow skin. I will give it a go again in the summer because I really like the concept of a very natural tint without it feeling or looking like a tinted moisturiser/foundation. Having said that, the first time I tried it, I saw it as a moisturiser so didn't think to remove it but as you can see below, it does need to be removed.

On balance, it isn't an overly positive review for these products but the Etat Pur brand interests me because it seems to be good quality innovative products without being as overpriced as other brands out there.You can buy all the products here and you receive 3 free samples with every order. Who doesn't love a freebie? I'm also off to India next month and I'm guessing I won't need as much moisture so I am definitely going to take these along with me.

Have you used any Etat Pur products before?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sample Sunday - GLAMGLOW Mud Mask

Hi ladies

Yet another Sunday, yet another sample. Dubbed the 'facial in a jar', today we have a mask that seems to have taken Hollywood by storm if the celebrity quotes are anything to go by. I received a sample of this after #Livebloggers last year and since then I have heard great things about it (Grace, co-host of livebloggers reviewed the full size here) so I was very excited to give this a go.

The full size product comes in a jar of similar black and silver packaging. Very Hollywood and somewhat in your face compared to the usual white and black packaging. At £49.99 for the 50ml and £19.99 for the 20ml jar, I have no shame in admitting that this is a mask that was never on my radar. I was able to get two uses from this sample and that is what I am basing this review on.

It comes out as a gritty green mask with lots of little tiny exfoliating bits. The three main ingredients include:

  • Teaoxi which are pieces of tea leaf - responsible for brightening, hydrating and balancing oil levels.
  • Volcanic Minerals - pulverized into Micro Pumice these exfoliate and stimulate microcirculation.
  • French Sea Clay - creates the tingling, absorbs impurities, infuses oils and tightens pores.

GLAMGLOW is cruelty/paraben free and vegan friendly.
A mixture of mostly dried mask and a few wet patches.
GLAMGLOW recommend using a medium layer with a foundation brush to clean skin. Then wait between 5-15 minutes for it to dry and harden before rinsing or using circular motions to deepen the level of exfoliation. Once or twice a week.

I completely skipped the foundation brush aspect of it, applied it to towel dried skin that had just been washed and left it to dry up. Now the clue is in the title and so I was expecting a bit of a tingle but HOLY MOLY! I was surprised by just how intense the 'tingling' was. In fact, tingling I don't think is the correct word for the sensation. Tingling evokes images of light fluffy times (may have something to do with the tickling similarity) whereas this bordered on 'erm hold on, this is getting hot...wow...ohmy...should I wash it off? No, it's too expensive...I'm actually really enjoying it but...*inhale...exhale*...oh I can't move my face...wow this is so cool'.

Ok a slight exaggeration but in short it hardened really quickly to the extent I could barely move my face muscles (think an OTT hollywood scene) and it really felt with that sensation (can't quite think of a word to describe it) that it was doing something. I really enjoyed rubbing it off in circular motions with the help of some water because those gritty bits were perfect for exfoliating all my flaky bits.

The main bit...Did it meet it's claims?

When a company claims to create 'immediate camera-ready glowing skin' and 'deliver everything you need for great skin', it's almost setting itself up to fail. It's hard to praise it more than the company itself have done but in short I really enjoyed using it. Clay masks are notorious for being a bit drying and therefore perfect for oilier skin but this wasn't drying. The best part for me personally (in addition to that crazy sensation) was the exfoliating aspect. Rubbing it off left me almost flake free and I loved the little 'volcanic minerals' which made it much easier to apply my foundation that day. I did notice all the tightening had left the pores on my nose appear less obvious but in all honesty, I would have needed to use the product a few more times to confirm that and see how long the effects last (they claim the results last 3 days). I can't really comment on the 'brightening' because I have never understood what that entails. In my opinion surely any form of exfoliating or cleansing will leave your skin cleaner and in turn brighter? Maybe, that's just me missing the point entirely. 

Sadly, at that price I couldn't wouldn't purchase this product but for those that do spend money like that on their skincare, GLAMGLOW is a really nice product to try. The only people I don't recommend it too are those with sensitive skin. My skin is tough as old boots and I never react to anything (Alhumdulillah - touch wood) but even I found it more than a 'tingle' and the gritty bits (some quite big) may be too coarse or rough on sensitive skin. Either way, this is a product I won't be forgetting in a hurry and I am so glad I was given the chance to try it.

Would you drop this sort of money on a face mask?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Edit: I just saw that you can buy a sample this size on the GLAMGLOW website for £4.99 which is very exciting! Still a lot for 2 uses but worth it if you're intrigued without spending the big bucks.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Foundation Friday - Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick (4.5)

Hi ladies

It's another Friday and yet another chance to natter about Foundations. Today I will be talking about the Bobbi Brown stick foundation which is the only cream formula I have in my collection and one of the few full sized ones. I have it in warm natural - 4.5 and 9g retails for £28. I was going to talk about another one today but Joanne asked my views about this on twitter and it got me thinking this review would be best in winter, so thanks for the nudge Joanne!

It comes in classy looking, stick packaging which you can apply directly to your face and then blend out with your fingers or a brush. You can also swipe the brush on the product and apply it that way if you're not keen on putting things directly onto your skin. A cream formula is best suited to dry skin and the website specifies it is suitable for most skin types, except for very oily.

The cream texture makes it really easy to apply. A quick swipe, a quick blend and you're done. This is the only foundation I could apply without a brush so if I was very limited when travelling I would probably take this, safe in the knowledge it wouldn't spill too. Having said that, I do use my f82 to lightly blend it out. It lasts all day on my dry skin and looks natural. I tend to lightly (and I mean very lightly) powder my face after most foundations (with the ELF mineral booster) but this cream formula could definitely use a little powder as it may be a bit too creamy for normal/combination skin types.

It has medium coverage although you can build it up and the lady at the Bobbi Brown counter also said it could be used as a concealer. Warm natural is a good match for me as it has the right yellow undertone for my skin (although it looks orange in the swatch it isn't on me). I find Bobbi Brown as a whole is excellent in catering for Indian/Asian skin. Also, at the other end of the scale I find a lot of pale beauties talk about the Alabaster shade.

My only problem with the foundation is that despite no SPF, it seems to leave a little bit of a white cast in flash photos. Nobody else seems to have this issue and have instead reported that it photographs beautifully so I actually have no idea what is going on there! I will keep a conscious effort of using this when none of my other base products contain SPF and report back with an edit at the bottom.

In short, I would recommend this for those with dry skin that are looking for a no fuss, medium to full coverage foundation. Oily skin ladies should probably avoid!

Have you ever used this foundation?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Nail Story - Sally Hansen treatment/My first ever polish!

Hi ladies

Today I will be talking about something that has been a long time in the making. I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember. I have probably been biting them even before I could remember. Aside from it being a disgusting habit, it didn't really bother me because I wasn't into nail polish in the slightest and had a 'one less expense' attitude to it. However, late last year after realising how big a portion nail polish was of the  beauty blogosphere I was inspired to try and stop the biting.

My nail story -  from bitten up to the longest they've ever been and a few stages in between including 2 polishes I wore during that time. Bottom right shows a weak moment in the cinema. Whoops! Not a reflection of the Sally Hansen treatment.

 Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment - £4.95

In order to take this 'mission nail biting' plan seriously I decided to check out nail growth treatments and my first stop was Sally Hansen. They had quite a range there but this was the cheapest option and was on offer at the time so in my basket it went. Although the bottle makes it seem as though the polish has a pink tone to it the formula actually comes out clear and has a standard nail polish brush applicator. It was easy to apply and dried quickly.

As you can see it promises visible results in 1 week but I was unsure whether that meant layering for 7 days (as most reviews mentioned) or removing each day and reapplying. The photogrid above isn't a reflection of the treatment because I used it for a while and then stopped. I then cut my nails to a similar length on both hands to start the experiment by only applying the Sally Hansen treatment on my left hand.
This photogrid shows the progress over 10 days of mostly layering up and I can see no difference on the nails with the treatment. In fact, my right hand nails look longer than the left.
At the end of 10 days of using the treatment.
In short, I don't think the Sally Hansen Treatment helped with nail growth. It did make the nails feel stronger but when you're layering for 7-10 days and there's all this product on your nails, that will automatically make them feel stronger. After a few days the build up means the product starts getting thick and peeling at the edges. Despite this I don't regret buying it because it was the catalyst for helping me fight the habit. Having spent the money and putting in the effort applying it regularly, I find I was less inclined to bite my nails. I can also use it as a 'top coat' (check me out).

My first ever polish - OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok fine!

OPI nein !nein! nein!
Photo provided by the lovely Anna as this beauty is on it's way to me.

When I went to the #bbloggersxmas event, they had some lovely ladies who were doing OPI manicures and I jumped at the chance to have nail polish applied for pretty much the first ever time. The lady applying the polish seemed more excited than me at hearing this, bless her. I fell in love with the colour and it has since been the first ever polish I have bought (quite fitting I thought). I bought the mini size from Anna who has a fantastic blog. Her swatches and photos of her polish collection even have a non polish wearer like me hugely impressed so check her out if nails are your thing!

I found it a very cool colour as it looks almost black in some lights, a dark green in others and a beautiful blue with flash.

So that's my nail story - I'm not at the stage where I can say I'll never bite my nails ever again but I'm very happy with my progress and my nails have never been so long in over 20 years! I'm not sure I'd take this step if I hadn't started blogging so yet another thing to thank the blog for.

Hope you enjoyed this ladies. Feel free to comment with any nail tips below. I'm a complete noob!

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sample Sunday - Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream skin protectant - worth the hype?

Hi ladies

Today we have a review of the much hyped, almost iconic product - Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. I received a sample of this at the #LiveBloggers event last year and was so excited to see it in the goody bag after hearing everyone talk about it. The 50ml retails for £25 and I have a cute 15ml sample.

The uses for this on the EA website almost made me pass out but in short 8 hour cream is apparently:

An absolute must have for everyone! This skincare classic restores, calms and helps relieve chapped, cracked and dry skin. It works efficiently to sooth roughness, redness and minor skin irritations.

First of all, it's not a cream. This somewhat surprised me. I was expecting a cream as suggested in the name but instead I got a thick, apricot/orange coloured gel. In terms of scent, I had prepared myself for something strong but I really wasn't ready for it. It's such a heavy herbal scent and not my thing at all. I can imagine it's something you would get use too but I doubt it's something I would ever describe as pleasant.

What does it actually do?! Let me address some of the points on the EA website:

1. Skin Saver - Protect skin from drying wind, central heating & air conditioning. I assume that means tackling dryness. Although I have really dry skin I couldn't imagine rubbing this thick gel on my face or body as it's greasy and kind of sticky. It relieves burns, scrapes and abrasions - Now, I'm not in the business of regularly hurting myself if I'm honest and if I were too, I'd probably apply some £2 antiseptic cream from the pharmacy.
2. Shine factor - Apply to lids, cheeks and legs - I'm not a professional MUA and EA informs me this is all the rage with them but I don't see us everyday make up users getting much use from this. (As always, correct me if I'm wrong but I've never seen it in a FOTD).
3. Eye opener - Use this to keep your eyebrows in place. Seriously I have no words!? I just can't imagine why I would use this when I can use a clear £1 mascara for that job. 

As you can tell, I wouldn't use this product for any of these purposes. What I have been using it for however is as a lip balm. It is a thick but smooth consistency and although it would be too much for summer, I don't mind using some in winter. That was till I discovered in addition to salicylic acid and vitamin E this product is over 50% petroleum! Now, I'm the first to admit, I'm no ingredients expert but isn't that essentially Vaseline? I stopped using my vaseline lip therapy as I believed it wasn't actually moisturising my lips but instead creating a barrier so that leads me to the question...Is Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream essentially glorified, overpriced vaseline?

I feel now is a fitting time to add that lots of my aunties who have spent 20+ years putting vaseline all over their faces at night, now have beautiful flawless skin in their 40s/50s and it's something they swear by. That is something that always leaves me intrigued but the thought of applying a product of that texture on my face just isn't something that appeals to me.

Back to 8 hour cream, clearly it can't be a cult product without working for thousands, if not millions of ladies worldwide so I really want to try and give a balanced view. Ingredients aside though, other than using it as a £25 lip balm I just could not find a day to day use for it (cuts and burns aside of course) so I would not buy the full size.

Let me know what you think ladies?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Edit: For the purpose of this review (against all my instincts) I did try it all over my face but it felt sticky as expected and weirdly left me a bit itchy. The stickiness doesn't last though and I have woken up with fairly smooth skin so I could potentially use it on my nose from time to time to see if it helps with flaking but then I could use Vaseline for that if I wanted. I also tried it as hand 'cream' but it was so hard to rub in and left them so sticky that I couldn't touch anything for quite a while. 

Friday, 18 January 2013

Foundation Friday - Garnier BB cream (Medium).

Hi ladies

Here's another instalment of Foundation Friday. As you can tell this weeks feature isn't actually a foundation but I thought Foundation Friday was a catchy title and I mean it to encompass all forms of bases from BB cream, tinted moisturisers to obviously foundations. From what I remember this was one of the very first BB creams to hit the UK high street. I am yet to use a 'proper' korean BB cream and because of shade choices I don't think I ever will and although I accept that these imitation BB creams probably don't have the same benefits it is all I have for now.

I have had this for quite a while and it's been pretty neglected over the months so I pulled it out for the purpose of Foundation Friday. I just wanted to bring to your attention that Garnier have released a newer formula of this BB cream and I can tell by swatching it in Superdrug that it is really different so this isn't a reflection of that.

It comes in a pretty small tube 50ml tube and retails at £9.99. However, Garnier 'skincare' is always on offer and is currently on 2 for £15 in Boots. It comes in two shades light and medium (BB creams aren't known for a wide shade range so I guess it's better than one shade fits all) and I have the one in Medium.

Garnier claims: Garnier BB cream for immediately perfected skin with even tone and boosted glow. Blurs imperfections and smoothes fine lines. SPF15 protection and 24hr hydration.

It comes out as a pretty thick but lightweight creamy 'splodge'. Once blended you can't really feel it on your skin which is always a positive. It leaves a pretty light coverage as is expected with BB creams and this makes it great for everyday use especially with the SPF.

The main thing I like about it is the 'hydration' and glow it leaves. It is perfect for my dry skin but I would almost go as far as to say it is almost 'greasy'. When this BB cream was originally released, I saw lots of reviews from people with oilier skin who really disliked the product and I'm not surprised. Having said that, I feel the newer formula takes care of the greasy feeling and it seems Garnier have addressed those issues.

The main reason I don't wear this sadly is because of the shade. I'm not sure if you can tell in this lightly blended swatch but the BB cream has a very pink undertone. I didn't realise at first but when I wore it a few times I became aware that it looked weird on my yellow skin. Once it sinks into my skin and I've powdered I could get away with it but I'm quite particular about using the exact match when it comes to bases so unfortunately this doesn't get used as much as it would have.

Which is your favourite BB cream?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Permanent Taupe & Immortal Charcoal

Hi ladies

I have amassed two color tattoo's (colour) via BBS so thought I'd pop a review up on here. The two colours I have are Permanent Taupe and Immortal Charcoal. These retail for £4.99 which even for this cheapo is quite inexpensive. Even better that there's currently a buy one get second half price offer going on in Boots and there's 8 colours to choose from (although only 4 are on the Boots website, I saw the others on the Superdrug website).

Eeeeeek is this photo of already swatched make up making anyone else cringe?! Blasphemy in Blogging land. Apologies as I did receive these in swaps!

Maybelline color tattoo Immortal Charcoal Permanent Taupe swatch
Top - Permanent Taupe
Bottom - Immortal Charcoal
As you can see Immortal Charcoal as the name suggests is a very dark grey colour whereas Permanent Taupe leans more towards a purple undertone. In terms of consistency, I found Charcoal was much creamier than Taupe which was a bit dryer to swatch.

A swatch of the two after I'd rubbed the product to see the lasting power.
At first, I found myself really annoyed with the product because most reviews said how amazingly they stayed on without creasing, however on me they creased really quickly. After using the Eyeko fat sticks, MAC paintpot and these I decided cream shadows weren't for me. When applying them all I tried using my ELF primer and setting with shadow but annoyingly my small hooded lids meant they barely lasted a few hours.

Luckily, I gave it one more go using my Urban Decay Primer Potion instead and Hallelujah I am very happy to say it did the job! I'm guessing the ELF primer (albeit a fairly old one now) has made shadows crease on my lids rather than prime them due to it's greasy texture so sadly the high end product seems to be worth the splurge in this case. Anyway, this isn't about primers, back to the color tattoo's.

I did a little experiment where I used the tattoos on one eye with the UDPP and without on the other but instead setting it with a shadow.

Permanent Taupe

Left eye in photo: Set with an UD shadow.
Right eye in photo: UDPP.

As you can see the eye with the shadow had pretty much disappeared by night, whereas the primer did a much better job although there was still some fading.

Immortal Charcoal

Left eye in photo - UDPP
Right eye in photo - set with an UD shadow

Ignore the rubbish blending of the primer but again as you can see the eye without the primer creased and faded by the end of the day whereas on the other, the color tattoo did a good job. Having said that how gorgeous is that color tattoo and shadow combination before the hot mess it turned into?


So to summarise, I was so close to slamming this product but luckily a decent primer saved the day. Without priming these tattoos do not live up to the expectations other reviews had set for me and in that sense I guess it doesn't actually do the job of being a base. However, now I've seen how well they work with the UDPP and how vibrant they leave any shadows you place on top, I will be using them more and may even look into other colours.

Do these work on you without any extra products?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My Scrubbing Routine #2 - Face & Body.

Hi ladies

Back in August I walked you through my 'scrubbing routine'. To get an idea of just how dry my skin is and how often I exfoliate take a look at that post. I should add, I have cut down recently in order to test what happens to my skin. Anyway, I'm back 6 months later (wow it's been a long time) to show you what I've taken out of the 'box under my bed' and is now sitting in the bathroom.

Ooh la spa salt scrub - (mahoosive 550g) - £3.99

I bought this scrub a long time ago from Superdrug and I was very excited to use it because I've never used a salt scrub. The luxurious glass jar packaging is very different from the plastic squeezy tubes I'm use too and I thought it would look great on the bath shelf (not that anyone looks or that it even matters) but annoyingly as you can see (despite my best attempts to hide it) the limescale on the metal parts of it is very unsightly. I'm thinking I can clean it up and use the empty jar for something (cotton ball holder seems to be all the rage on youtube/blogs).

Looks aside, it is a formula of salts suspended in oils which leaves a residue on the skin. The oils mean the product isn't as exfoliating as I expected and almost has a creamy texture to it. The scent is very natural and almost sea like is my best description!?

In addition to the creamy texture, the reason I haven't been too keen on using it is because it leaves all the gritty bits in the bath and I just find it a faff to use in general. So despite the bargainous price for the 550g, I wouldn't repurchase (and tbh I'm not sure I could as it doesn't appear to be on the superdrug website).

St Ives Elements Microdermabrasion scrub (125ml) - £5.10

I'll be honest, it's the word microdermabrasion that enticed me into buying this. I've heard the word flung around  a lot and wanted to see what the hype is about. St Ives has pretty much always been a hit for me in terms of exfoliators. I loved the warming scrub I had in my last scrubbing routine post but sadly this one left me a little disappointed and when I can't be bothered with the Ooh la spa salt scrub I just use this all over my body so I can use it up.

It contains lots of fine mineral crystals and when you rub it into the skin, it almost turns creamy which isn't what I like in exfoliators. I prefer gritty ones and after using another exfoliator this week that claims to 'micro-exfoliate' I've discovered the creamy formula just isn't for me. I also found it really hard to wash off as the crystals are so fine they clung on and I had to make sure it was all gone. I can't be certain but I assume the scent is chamomile as stated on the packaging and is pretty inoffensive but nothing fantastic.

So I hope you enjoyed this second scrubbing routine post - it isn't as glowing a combination as the last one and I wouldn't repurchase either of these products but I'll be using them up so I can dive back into my box of skincare goodies.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sample Sunday - Benefit Porefessional Primer (before & after photos).

Hi ladies

I hope you ladies haven't passed out with shock by seeing my blog pop up on your reading list. I have been without internet for a week and it has been pretty darn difficult. Yes entirely First World Problems but it's hard when you've become so use to it. I have wifi for today so I am getting my blog on! 

Today's Sunday Sample is Benefit Porefessional primer. I have been tempted by the full size of this for so long after hearing rave reviews about it. I have enlarged pores on my nose and after trying a bit on while in Debenhams I was left feeling fairly impressed by the results and wanting more. However, as with most things, the £23.50 for 22ml price tag soon put me off. 

As you can see I have a 7.5ml sample of this and thanks to Glamour magazine (July edition I believe) I have lots of back ups which will see me through the foreseeable future. Not only do I have a few back ups, you only need the teeniest amount of product so despite using this sample for a few months now (granted I don't wear it often) I have barely scratched the surface.

porefessional swatch

The product comes out as a pinky beige colour but when rubbed in to the skin it completely disappears making it suitable for all skin tones I believe. I only apply it on my nose and chin as they are the problem areas and it immediately leaves a smooth silky feel to the skin whilst also feeling matte and somewhat powdery. As I have dry skin, a description like that would have left me worrying but provided I've moisturised, it isn't too much of an issue. In fact I believe it's this mattifying effect that helps to leave pores looking slightly minimised.


Now my pet peeve with Porefessional reviews when I was originally looking into buying it was the lack of Before & After photos. I wanted to see for myself whether it worked. Now I've started blogging I see exactly why people were reluctant to post such close up photos of what can be a very self conscious thing. I deliberated about adding these photos but then as with most reviews, it felt too incomplete without it. For all those that think I have perfect skin - thank you but these photos are proof that all you need is close up photos to dispel that theory.

The Before photo has lashings of moisturiser hence the almost oily appearance and in the After photo you can see my nose looks matte and that's why I believe the pores look slightly minimised. Nothing miraculous but a subtle difference. During the summer when I'm not wearing foundation I think if I pop a bit of this on my nose area, despite perspiring my pores won't look as visible.


So I don't think it's a miracle product and when I tested the NARS pore refining primer in Selfridges I remember thinking it works a bit better than this and at only 50p more (I can't find the product size). This isn't a product I can't live without yet and I don't see me repurchasing for the full price when my samples finish but I might look into other pore refining alternatives. Having said that, it does make a subtle difference in minimising the appearance of my pores and I will continue using the samples I have.

What primer do you use?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sample Sunday - Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara.

Hi ladies,

As I mentioned on (Foundation) Friday, I have started another series in 2013 called Sample Sunday. I wanted something more than Empties to push me in using up products/samples I have sitting around so I thought I'd start with this. This is the first high end mascara I've used and I believe people received a sample from WIMH and I received it via BBS.

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes

The brush is very different to the fat ones I am use too. It fits to the shape of lashes and because it gets smaller towards the inner lashes it is much easier to control than the fatter brushes I am use too. It also catches every lash and the formula doesn't flake or smudge after a day of wear (not that I have that problem with any mascara).

The only negative is that the mascara has nearly dried up - I'm not sure if that's because it is a sample or if the full size also dries this quick. I use my mascara for longer than the recommended 3 months (I have no regrets) and I couldn't with this.

This retails for £21 and (never say never) but I couldn't get myself to shell out for a high end mascara and till then I'm happy sticking with my high street brands. Having said that, it was nice to use this and not only did I notice the difference but so did other people.

Which is your favourite mascara?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

What I've bought recently + boxing day beauty sales.

Hi ladies

I rarely have hauls on this blog because contrary to the blogger stereotype, I really don't buy much beauty items. I have so much and most of it I gained via swaps on BBS so I really don't need any more. However, I recently bought a few things in the Boots and ASOS sale. I also bought a few things on behalf of someone else (all things high end) which I'll be including in here just because I can.

There won't be reviews for most of these because they were limited edition over christmas and you can't buy it any more anyway so I'd hate to tease you with glowing reviews. On to the photos we go...

Benefit She's so jetset

benefit she's so jetset

Pretty neutral shades, which were smooth to swatch.

Face powder + blush

I ordered mine online and was unsure whether I'd be keeping it so I swatched it in Debenhams for the purpose of a review.

benefit she's so jetset swatches

With flash

Gosh Natural Touch foundation in Almond

I bought this in superdrug in the clearance section. Down from £9 to 99p. BARGAIN! Review coming soon.

Bobbi Brown purchases + GWP.

The sachets and glosses came free with any order. I purchased the shimmer brick and liner brush (not for me).

There was a one day offer to receive this lip palette (or eye palette) when  you spent £50 on the website.

I was absolutely shocked at how teeny it was. It's so thin and half the size of my phone.  Such pretty colours though and it takes up no space in your bag.

Part of the order to reach £50 included the shimmer brick in Rose.

Boots boxing day haul

Perfect timing as my hand food is nearly finished. I got this handwash and hand cream for £5.

After lots of tweets asking which mascara to get  I settled on this as the set came to £14 in the sales.

I gave in to Ted Bakers answer to the chubby sticks when I saw it for the bargainous price of £7.50.

For fantastic swatches go to - the lovely Alex's blog here.

On a whim I bought this reverse lip liner which works as a lip concealer as I have lots of darkness round my lips. It was £3 down from £12.

That's the end, I thought I would just show you what I bought recently - hope you weren't too bored with all the photos. Some reviews will be coming soon but most were unfortunately limited edition xmas sets.

What was your biggest bargain this festive season?

Till next time...Toodles! :)