Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My Scrubbing Routine #2 - Face & Body.

Hi ladies

Back in August I walked you through my 'scrubbing routine'. To get an idea of just how dry my skin is and how often I exfoliate take a look at that post. I should add, I have cut down recently in order to test what happens to my skin. Anyway, I'm back 6 months later (wow it's been a long time) to show you what I've taken out of the 'box under my bed' and is now sitting in the bathroom.

Ooh la spa salt scrub - (mahoosive 550g) - £3.99

I bought this scrub a long time ago from Superdrug and I was very excited to use it because I've never used a salt scrub. The luxurious glass jar packaging is very different from the plastic squeezy tubes I'm use too and I thought it would look great on the bath shelf (not that anyone looks or that it even matters) but annoyingly as you can see (despite my best attempts to hide it) the limescale on the metal parts of it is very unsightly. I'm thinking I can clean it up and use the empty jar for something (cotton ball holder seems to be all the rage on youtube/blogs).

Looks aside, it is a formula of salts suspended in oils which leaves a residue on the skin. The oils mean the product isn't as exfoliating as I expected and almost has a creamy texture to it. The scent is very natural and almost sea like is my best description!?

In addition to the creamy texture, the reason I haven't been too keen on using it is because it leaves all the gritty bits in the bath and I just find it a faff to use in general. So despite the bargainous price for the 550g, I wouldn't repurchase (and tbh I'm not sure I could as it doesn't appear to be on the superdrug website).

St Ives Elements Microdermabrasion scrub (125ml) - £5.10

I'll be honest, it's the word microdermabrasion that enticed me into buying this. I've heard the word flung around  a lot and wanted to see what the hype is about. St Ives has pretty much always been a hit for me in terms of exfoliators. I loved the warming scrub I had in my last scrubbing routine post but sadly this one left me a little disappointed and when I can't be bothered with the Ooh la spa salt scrub I just use this all over my body so I can use it up.

It contains lots of fine mineral crystals and when you rub it into the skin, it almost turns creamy which isn't what I like in exfoliators. I prefer gritty ones and after using another exfoliator this week that claims to 'micro-exfoliate' I've discovered the creamy formula just isn't for me. I also found it really hard to wash off as the crystals are so fine they clung on and I had to make sure it was all gone. I can't be certain but I assume the scent is chamomile as stated on the packaging and is pretty inoffensive but nothing fantastic.

So I hope you enjoyed this second scrubbing routine post - it isn't as glowing a combination as the last one and I wouldn't repurchase either of these products but I'll be using them up so I can dive back into my box of skincare goodies.

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. I'm not a fan of scrubbing to often as I have sensitive/eczema skin. If you don't mind can I use this opportunity to advise people to avoid microbeads in products as they have been found in the ocean and are threatening the marine environment :( Opt for products like the ones here with natural scrub particles

  2. Glass containers can deteriorate the ingredients so they don't work as well :) but granted, glass is much prettier!

  3. I m a faithful apricot scrub user and I have to say I don't veer much from that!

  4. Is this for your body or face?


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