Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Superdrug Naturally Radiant skincare range.

Hi ladies

I recently bought some of the Superdrug Naturally Radiant range (well I say I did - cheers pops!) when it was half price in Superdrug (it still is half price). I have an exfoliator, mask, hot cloth cleanser and a moisturiser so almost a ready made skincare routine minus a face wash. I won't be discussing the hot cloth cleanser in this post as I will be comparing it to it's sister Superdrug Vitamin E Hot cloth cleanser (which we all know I love) and possibly the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish.

From left to right we have the Brightening day cream, brightening micro polish, brightening renewal face mask and the brightening hot cloth cleanser. It comes in a fresh light mint colour which I like.

All the products are infused with kiwi fruit and Mulberry which gives the products a light fresh scent that I like. They are supposed to brighten, reduce discolouration and even out the skin tone. These seem to be long term promises which I can't comment on yet. The brand is suitable for vegans and paraben/cruelty free.

Although I won't discuss the Hot Cloth Cleaner in terms of reviewing it I will mention that it comes with a muslin cloth and a 'swatch' of it along with the other products below.

Brightening day cream, brightening micro polish, brightening renewal face mask brightening hot cloth cleanser
Top to bottom:
Brightening day cream
 Brightening micro polish
Brightening renewal face mask
Brightening hot cloth cleanser
Brightening Day Cream - £5.99/75ml
This is quite a thick day cream and unfortunately I have only just realised it is the formula for Normal/Combination skin. I have extremely dry skin and there is another formula especially for my skin type which I hadn't realised at the time. Even so this leaves my skin really soft without feeling the slightest bit greasy. It contains sugar beet extract and SPF 15.

Brightening Micro Polish - £4.99/75ml
This isn't as exfoliating or gritty as I usually go for. There aren't as many exfoliating beads suspended in the liquid although the ones that are in there can be quite sharp. In addition to kiwi and mulberry this contains blueberry seeds for exfoliating.

Brightening renewal face mask - £4.99/75ml
I was really surprised when I first squeezed this out and it was a clear gel texture. I have only ever used creamy masks so this is something new for me. It contains fruit acids which is meant to exfoliate and refine the skin's surface texture but you can't feel any of this happening. It does leave my skin feeling soft but it doesn't harden like traditional masks although it does create a sticky barrier after around 10 minutes from where it 'sets'.

In short, there is nothing I particularly dislike about the range although the exfoliator isn't gritty enough for my dry skin. I wouldn't buy it at full price but I wouldn't have too as the superdrug own brand products are regularly on offer.

I'm excited to see whether the HCC compares to my Holy Grail Vitamin E HCC.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Friday, 8 March 2013

Gosh Cosmetics S/S 2013 releases.

Hi ladies

I know I already said my goodbyes in the last post (it's like when you say bye to somebody and realise you're both heading in the same direction. Awkward) but on Wednesday night I was lucky enough to attend the Gosh Spring/Summer 2013 preview at St Martins Lane hotel. It was lovely to meet so many people I only know via twitter and have a catch up with bloggers I already know. At the end of the event we were given a gorgeous bag filled with all their latest releases and although I should be out of the house doing last minute things for India I HAD to take these photos and share with you.

First, a few photos from the actual event.

I have zero time for swatches (I hate when there are no swatches so forgive me) but I will do that when I get back! It's a very photo heavy post because I am yet to try anything (and serious time constraints) but I hope you like what you see and if you check out any of the products when they hit Superdrug 13th of March, holllaaa!

Nail Lacquer - 6 new colours - £4.99

BB skin perfecting kit - highlighter and concealer - £9.99

Growth Mascara & Growth Serum - £8.49/£14.99
 The Ultimate Eyeliner - £5.99/Velvet touch eye liner - £4.99

Once again, sorry for the almost slapdash post but I really wanted to share these before I went off. A final big thank you to the Gosh team. Bye (for real this time).

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

What is in my one month travel bag - See you later Blighty :)

Hi ladies

So I'm off to hot and sunny India tomorrow and I thought I would show you what I'm taking with me. Most of it is skincare as I don't foresee me wearing make up in the almost 37 degree humidity. I have of course taken some make up along should the occasion arise.

This looks like loads but it is quite a long time

So this is all the make up I'm taking. I packed mini's where I could. I don't use powder foundation because my skin is so dry but I figured I'd get use out of it there. I have ELF mineral and Bare Minerals foundation. I also have a sample of the NARS tinted moisturiser (review coming separately) and YSL touche eclat samples (I doubt I'll wear this). The only brush I'm taking is the ELF kabuki and mini Bare Minerals brush.

I'm also taking a sample of the Witch Anti-Blemish primer as the packaging says it is meant to draw away excess oils, Monu skin perfector (it's not a slick enought base for me here) and Porefessional for it's mattifying qualities. Also some blotting sheets which I never use here.

For eyes I'm not taking any eyeshadows but a mini Urban Decay liner in zero (can't risk losing perversion), a mini Clinique high impact mascara and Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid liner. For brows I have the usual ELF Treat & Tame plus a clear (yeah right I hear you say) MUA mascara.

Lastly, for lips I have the Revlon balm stain in Crush, ELF moisturising tint and the teeniest red lipstick sample ever (maybe oriflame). All different colours, a natural pink, a berry and a red.

 This is the clear zipped bag I'm taking it in. It's actually quite small.

As you can see I have emptied the big bottles into travel sized ones I've bought from a mixture of Superdrug, Boots and Poundland. In the travel bottles I have Soap & Glory foot lotion, Superdrug brand SPF, Cocoa Butter body lotion and my Garnier 7 day intensive body lotion. I am also taking my sachets of Garnier body lotion for when I take overnight trips. I never use dry shampoo but thought it might come in use so packed a travel size.

For my face I am taking the Etat Pur products I reviewed but didn't find the best for my dry skin. I'm hoping they will work better in the heat. I also have a sample of Cetaphil cleanser, Clarins mattifying lotion and Garnier SPF. Lastly, two face masks just in case I get a chance to pamper myself.

 I got this as part of a set from poundland and it's the perfect size.

These are the big size products I'm taking. The only one to note is the Cinq mondes roses petal rain mist I received in my Betrousse box which I haven't used but this is meant to refresh and moisturise the skin.

 This is what I'm keeping the full sized products in - it deceivingly fits loads!

So this is everything I'm taking. I will hopefully report back on the star products when I get back.

It goes without saying blogging won't be very regular over the next month (not that it really has been in 2013 sadly). Catch you lovely ladies on the flip side.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

L'occitane hand cream - Shea Butter & Cherry Blossom.

Hi ladies

A quick post today - I recently managed to get a sample of the iconic L'occitane hand cream when they ran a liking campaign on their Facebook page. I did the same last year and have only just opened the sample I got after finishing 2 other hand creams (both in my empties post).

The cherry scented one I haven't had much of a go at yet but I absolutely love the dry skin formula. It smells so clean and fresh like baby powder and it moisturises my hands without leaving them greasy if I don't go overboard with how much I squeeze out. I originally called this my favourite hand cream but have now edited the post because I think I didn't give the Soap & Glory hand food a fair mention. I remember being astounded (yes) when I first used that but over time I became less of a fan as the product became greasy in the tube (I may have kept it too long) so I think that tarred my view of it. It turns out I can't decide on my outright favourite in terms of the formula but I do prefer the fresh scent of the L'occitane.

The 30ml travel sizes retail on the website for £8 which is quite expensive for the amount you get and the full 150ml size sets you back a whopping £19. I wouldn't spend that sort of money and so I'm hoping these mini's will last me a while. Having said that I tend to see L'occitane sets on offer from time to time so I might consider it...if the price is right ;)

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sample Sunday - Origins skincare review.

Hi ladies

It's been a while since I did a Sample Sunday post. Today I'm coming at you with mini reviews (mine are never mini) of a few Origins samples I've picked up recently. The Origins counter in Selfridges London has this really cool sample policy. There are 6 pumps containing different products, with mini white pots that you're able to fill up. I didn't get all these in one day but I shouldn't think there's some sort of limit.

The green bag is the one I got when I bought lots of christmas baubles.
I have heard lots about Origins skincare but I tend to keep things cheap and as a result, Origins has never really been on my radar (despite all the good things I've heard).

I labelled these myself - I annoyingly didn't note down the product so had to google to find out what each product was. The assistant puts on a sticker with the product name but I replaced the ones that were labelled.

Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask, Vitazing Checks & Balances frothy face wash, GinZing & Planscription Anti ageing serum
Top: Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask, Vitazing
Bottom: Checks & Balances frothy face wash, GinZing & Planscription Anti ageing serum

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask - £20/100ml
This is the product I was the most excited to try out. I have heard great things and it is targeted for dehydrated skin. I was surprised by the cream coloured creamy texture because I thought it would be some sort of clear gel. It has a really fruity/peachy scent and is so smooth to apply. It doesn't sink in right away, instead it seems to create a barrier on the face which does it's job overnight. As it doesn't sink right in it feels weird putting your head to the pillow but I wouldn't dream of wiping away any excess with a tissue as suggested by the Origins website. I wake up with lovely smooth skin which I'm guessing is the effect of the hydration. I've just had a brainwave - I'll keep the rest of the sample to use on the 9 hour flight next week.

Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash - £17
This is a thick white creamy texture which has a refreshing minty scent. The teeniest amount spread really far and it left almost an opaque mask look to my face. As soon as I began washing it off I could feel immediately that this was probably a face wash for those of an oilier nature. As I rubbed my hands across my face it felt really frictiony (it's a word) - which might be what people refer to as squeaky clean? A quick google and hey presto - Origins says this is best for those with combination skin and it is meant to balance dry and oilier places. I I always go for moisturising products so this isn't something I would use but if I had oilier skin I think I'd be a big fan of the instant oil soaking results.

Origins GinZing Eye Cream - £21
This is an Origins best seller. It is a pink coloured eye cream that is meant to brighten and depuff the under eye area. Sadly, once applied onto the skin I didn't notice the difference between this cream and a normal white cream. It moisturised well but I don't really have anything ground breaking to report.

Origins Planscription Anti-Aging Serum - £46/30ml
This is a yellow thin texture that smooths over the skin really nicely. I apply it before the Overnight mask so I go to bed with very smooth, moisturised skin indeed. It is meant to help reduce wrinkles but in all honesty I can't comment on that. It really is expensive so it's not something I would purchase but it has been nice to try.

Origins VitaZing Moisturiser - £27/50ml
This is another best seller from Origins. I have left this till last because it is the only product that I feel warrants additional photos. It is a white thin liquid with little dark beads inside and has an SPF of 15. When you rub it in, it gives the skin a tint which helps to even it out and provide a 'radiance' as Origins describes it. It doesn't provide any coverage and as such I wouldn't call it a tinted moisturiser but in it's strictest sense, that is what it is. It doesn't moisturise my dry skin enough so I have to use a normal moisturiser underneath but that is always the case with me.

Origins VitaZing moisturiser - I used the cotton pad to show you how much of a tint you can actually get.


As I said, it doesn't provide coverage so it is very light on the skin but it helps to even out the skintone and give a glow so it would make a nice everyday product for people like myself who don't use coverage on a day to day basis. I like that it doesn't look ashy in the slightest and seems to blend in the more you rub. I can't comment for very pale or very dark skin tones but it blends into both my face and hands (my hands are quite a few shades darker) without a problem - although at first it does feel a bit pink toned. The only issue I have with it is the foundation/paint like scent - although no other reviews seem to mention it so now I'm wondering if there's something wrong with mine!?

So that's that - I liked every product (other than the face wash as it isn't targeted at my skin type) and I'm glad Origins are so generous with their samples. It helps to avoid the awkwardness that ensues when you ask for samples at other counters and are made to feel tiny (cue scenes of Oliver asking for more food). I am yet to use the mini's that came in the Christmas bauble but I will report back when I do. Till then my first forage into the Origins brand has been quite a success.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Saturday, 2 March 2013

'Swatching Superdrug' Saturday!

Hi ladies

I warn you, this is a very random post. The recent #bbloggers chat made me realise I have a weird obsession habit. Whenever I go shopping (especially when I'm by myself) I tend to swatch a range of products and take a photo. I have no idea why. I don't even have an intention to blog about the products or even buy them but hey ho it's what I do (I can hear you calling me a loser). I thought to myself I might as well collect the recent photos and pop them up on here. Obviously these aren't reviews as such but just swatches and where I'm able to, a quick first impressions. Bare in mind, these photos weren't taken with the intention of blogging and so I didn't note down the shade names. I've tried my best to label them correctly so fingers crossed!

Miss Sporty Dr Balm - £1.99

First Impression - I was so shocked to see what I imagine are 'Baby Lips' dupes sat in Superdrug, having heard no hype or mention of it? I even tweeted a photo to see if anyone knew about them. They are very balmy feeling but extremely sheer so it would take a lot of building up for them to show up on my lips. At a push, the red shade could possibly be an everyday, very natural red lip (but what's the point in that?) and the others just wouldn't show up.

Miss Sporty Dr Balm swatches 01 Sweet Kiss 03 Gossip 05 Honeymoon 02 Glam kiss 04 Heartbreaker
I might not be right about the order below but I have spent ages googling  to try and figure it out.

Left to right:
01 Sweet Kiss
03 Gossip
05 Honeymoon
The fourth is either 02 Glam kiss or another 04 Heartbreaker (It's probably the latter - sorry!)
04 Heartbreaker

Swatched in the order shown above with 01 sweet kiss at the top.

Rimmel Apocalips - £5.99

First impression - Incredibly pigmented and glossy. Has a creamier texture than the YSL glossy stain at first glance. Surprisingly the swatches wiped right off my hand without any stain so it seems like it would transfer.

Rimmel apocalips swatches big bang celestial galaxy nude eclipse
Big Bang, Celestial, Galaxy, Nude Eclipse (hopefully).

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick - £7.99 (currently £2 off)

First Impressions - This is another product I haven't heard much about but the stand looked interesting so I gave it a swatch. They felt nice and creamy.

Revlon rouge edition lipstick swatches
I give up. Sorry!

Revlon Lip Butters - £7.99

I thought I'd include my own collection of lip butters in this post as I won't be reviewing them separately (it would be the 2973297324th post). I personally didn't get the hype around these lip butters. They are creamy and some are pigmented but so are lots of other lipsticks. Either way, I have a collection and there are some pretty colours. I love my recent addition - red velvet.

Revlon lip butter Red velvet, Macaroon, Raspberry pie, Berry Smoothie & Tutti Frutti swatch
From left to right - Red velvet, Macaroon, Raspberry pie, Berry Smoothie & Tutti Frutti.

Clinique chubby stick shadow tint for eyes - £16

(Ignore that this can't be found in Superdrug and therefore contrary to the title)

First Impression - very creamy and pigmented. Not sure about the staying power as I may not have given it enough time to set but when I rubbed the swatches a lot of the pigmentation disappeared. I have issues with creasing so sadly this isn't something I would purchase anyway although I am still looking into the chubby sticks for lips.

Left row, top to bottom - Portly Plum, Massive midnight, Mighty Moss
Right row, top to bottom - Big Blue, Fuller Fudge, Ample Amber, Lavish Lilac, Bountiful Beige

Again, I have spent a while trying to correspond the swatch with the shade so some may be wrong. That electric blue is gorgeous but not something I would get much use out of.

Clinique chubby stick eyes swatches Portly Plum, Massive midnight, Mighty Moss Big Blue, Fuller Fudge, Ample Amber, Lavish Lilac, Bountiful Beige

Below is a photo of where I rubbed the swatches but it was pretty soon after so maybe they hadn't had enough time to set.

So here was my somewhat random post. I just couldn't delete these photos off my phone when I have a beauty blog on which I could post it.  I hope it isn't too annoying because of the whole shade name mishap. Whoops! Don't worry ladies - there probably won't be a sequel to this weirdness.

Till next time...Toodles! :)