Saturday, 2 March 2013

'Swatching Superdrug' Saturday!

Hi ladies

I warn you, this is a very random post. The recent #bbloggers chat made me realise I have a weird obsession habit. Whenever I go shopping (especially when I'm by myself) I tend to swatch a range of products and take a photo. I have no idea why. I don't even have an intention to blog about the products or even buy them but hey ho it's what I do (I can hear you calling me a loser). I thought to myself I might as well collect the recent photos and pop them up on here. Obviously these aren't reviews as such but just swatches and where I'm able to, a quick first impressions. Bare in mind, these photos weren't taken with the intention of blogging and so I didn't note down the shade names. I've tried my best to label them correctly so fingers crossed!

Miss Sporty Dr Balm - £1.99

First Impression - I was so shocked to see what I imagine are 'Baby Lips' dupes sat in Superdrug, having heard no hype or mention of it? I even tweeted a photo to see if anyone knew about them. They are very balmy feeling but extremely sheer so it would take a lot of building up for them to show up on my lips. At a push, the red shade could possibly be an everyday, very natural red lip (but what's the point in that?) and the others just wouldn't show up.

Miss Sporty Dr Balm swatches 01 Sweet Kiss 03 Gossip 05 Honeymoon 02 Glam kiss 04 Heartbreaker
I might not be right about the order below but I have spent ages googling  to try and figure it out.

Left to right:
01 Sweet Kiss
03 Gossip
05 Honeymoon
The fourth is either 02 Glam kiss or another 04 Heartbreaker (It's probably the latter - sorry!)
04 Heartbreaker

Swatched in the order shown above with 01 sweet kiss at the top.

Rimmel Apocalips - £5.99

First impression - Incredibly pigmented and glossy. Has a creamier texture than the YSL glossy stain at first glance. Surprisingly the swatches wiped right off my hand without any stain so it seems like it would transfer.

Rimmel apocalips swatches big bang celestial galaxy nude eclipse
Big Bang, Celestial, Galaxy, Nude Eclipse (hopefully).

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick - £7.99 (currently £2 off)

First Impressions - This is another product I haven't heard much about but the stand looked interesting so I gave it a swatch. They felt nice and creamy.

Revlon rouge edition lipstick swatches
I give up. Sorry!

Revlon Lip Butters - £7.99

I thought I'd include my own collection of lip butters in this post as I won't be reviewing them separately (it would be the 2973297324th post). I personally didn't get the hype around these lip butters. They are creamy and some are pigmented but so are lots of other lipsticks. Either way, I have a collection and there are some pretty colours. I love my recent addition - red velvet.

Revlon lip butter Red velvet, Macaroon, Raspberry pie, Berry Smoothie & Tutti Frutti swatch
From left to right - Red velvet, Macaroon, Raspberry pie, Berry Smoothie & Tutti Frutti.

Clinique chubby stick shadow tint for eyes - £16

(Ignore that this can't be found in Superdrug and therefore contrary to the title)

First Impression - very creamy and pigmented. Not sure about the staying power as I may not have given it enough time to set but when I rubbed the swatches a lot of the pigmentation disappeared. I have issues with creasing so sadly this isn't something I would purchase anyway although I am still looking into the chubby sticks for lips.

Left row, top to bottom - Portly Plum, Massive midnight, Mighty Moss
Right row, top to bottom - Big Blue, Fuller Fudge, Ample Amber, Lavish Lilac, Bountiful Beige

Again, I have spent a while trying to correspond the swatch with the shade so some may be wrong. That electric blue is gorgeous but not something I would get much use out of.

Clinique chubby stick eyes swatches Portly Plum, Massive midnight, Mighty Moss Big Blue, Fuller Fudge, Ample Amber, Lavish Lilac, Bountiful Beige

Below is a photo of where I rubbed the swatches but it was pretty soon after so maybe they hadn't had enough time to set.

So here was my somewhat random post. I just couldn't delete these photos off my phone when I have a beauty blog on which I could post it.  I hope it isn't too annoying because of the whole shade name mishap. Whoops! Don't worry ladies - there probably won't be a sequel to this weirdness.

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Love the look of the Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial, very pretty xo

    1. Fingers crossed I labelled it correctly, but I liked that too :)

  2. Really like this kinda post!! Great idea.. however my google reader has been filled with rouge edition lipsticks lol :) xx

    1. aww thank you! I weirdly haven't heard much about it, especially when I took these photos x

  3. Nice swatches, girl! I'm sure they're useful for maaaany people :)

  4. That red velvet colour is gorgeous!!

    I like this post!



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