Sunday, 14 April 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips - Cherry Kiss.

Hi ladies

As you know from my last post I picked up some Maybelline Baby Lips while in India. I only picked up the Cherry Kiss shade for myself and so that is the only one I can swatch and review from the selection below. They cost 150 rupees which translates to around just under £1.90.

Maybelline baby lips Coral Flush Rose Addict Pink Lolita & Cherry Kiss

Each balm came with a keyring holder with the words 'pucker up baby' and that's what you can see above the balms. Ooooerrr. They had 4 shades in the shop I went to and they were Coral Flush, Rose Addict, Pink Lolita & Cherry Kiss. They all contain SPF 16.

If you have a few shades, it is useful that the colour of the packaging is different and I like the fun font they chose. These particular Baby Lips from India seem to be in different packaging than the other ones I have seen.

Maybelline baby lips cherry kiss swatch

I chose Cherry Kiss because I thought it would be the most pigmented of the choices available and that is what I'd need in order for it to show up on my pigmented lips. It leaves a very subtle reddish tint to my lips whilst having a slight pinky tinge to it. I would say Translucent, as stated on the packaging, is a good description. They aren't pigmented by any stretch of the imagination but I'm shocked and happy it even shows up on my lips.

I wiped it off on a white tissue to show you more accurately that it is fairly pigmented and for those with fairer skin or less pigmented lips it'll be even more visible than the hand swatch above.

In short, I had high expectations of the product and I wasn't disappointed like I usually am with hyped products. It has a moisturising balmy texture, gorgeous fruity scent (I'm not sure if this changes according to the different shades) and enough pigment to show up on my lips after a bit of building up. The SPF was also helpful in the Indian heat.

I was considering doing a comparison with the Miss Sporty balms which are available in Superdrug because Grace from allthatslap informs me it'll be a long time before these hit the UK (we're talking 2014) that's if they ever do!?

Edit: my insider source i.e.. Grace informs me that these will be hitting the UK in August. 3 months peeps!

Have you managed to get your hands on these? What do you think?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. I have been tempted to order some of these to try out but not sure if they would show up on my lips or not. Hope they do come to the UK though! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  2. This is such an odd choice of make up to buy when in India. I will need a detailed explanation in person. Xx

    1. lol this comment made me laugh. If you realised how talked about this is you wouldn't find it odd!

  3. I don't understand why they aren't here in the UK already... they would sell so well. I have a few from the US and love them :)

    1. Weird when brands to that. They'll be here soon :)


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