Monday, 20 May 2013

GOSH Velvet Touch & Ultimate Eyeliners.

Hi ladies

You may remember I went to the GOSH S/S 2013 preview event in March and was given a bag of their latest releases. I've already reviewed their BB kit and gorgeous nail lacquers and now it's time to share my views on their eyeliner pencils. I have two types, the newer ultimate eyeliner range which is the twisty kind with a smudger on the end (£5.99) and the velvet touch liner pencils (4.99). GOSH is currently on 3 for 2 in Superdrug ;)

Back in Black, Raw Grey, Kind of Blue, FashionistA & Renaissance Gold.

One side has the smudgy rubbery thing (professional terms)

The other side has the twist up end with the product.

The velvet touch liners just come in standard pencil liner form. Renaissance Gold & FashionistA are in this format whereas the others are from the ultimate liner range.

GOSH Back in Black, FashionistA, Raw Grey,  Kind of Blue & Renaissance Gold eyeliner pencil swatches.
Bottom to top - Back in Black, FashionistA, Raw Grey,  Kind of Blue & Renaissance Gold.

Right to Left: FashionistA, Raw Grey,  Kind of Blue & Renaissance Gold.
They really were as creamy to apply as the photo leads you to believe (not even sure if a photo can convey that). They just glided on and were so smooth and pigmented! Although raw grey was a dryer formulation than the rest. FashionistA has very visible silver shimmer particles as you can see.

The left hand side is after an initial rub (I let it set for a while first) and the right hand side is what was left the next moning! Impressive right? Obviously you don't apply liner to your wrists and the eyelid area tends to have way more creases + oil so I'm sure this isn't an accurate reflection of staying power but still thought I'd share.

Here are the looks I created using Renaissance Gold and Raw Grey as bases. I then used Urban Decay powder shadows on top to set the look and I really liked how it looked. They added a lot of vibrancy to the look and the dryer consistency of Raw Grey helped it to crease less (although it wasn't as smooth to apply) whereas the gold is unbelievably creamy so there was no tugging whatsoever and immense pigment.

I think something I will love using the grey liner for is to smudge it under the lash line using the smudger provided, like the photo above. I think smudging black under the lash line can make me look a bit crazy whereas this achieves the smokiness without being as intense.

In short, I think these GOSH liners are fantastic. Some colours I wouldn't really wear if I'm honest but that doesn't take away from the creaminess, intense pigment and lasting power. I now see why my cousin (who wears no make up whatsoever other than eyeliner) relies on GOSH for her everyday black pencil liner. For the price you get a fantastic quality product and these are probably the best pencil liners I've tried on the high street so far.

Have you ever used GOSH liners? I'm interested in trying the liquid liner next, any views?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Wow, those swatches look lovely. Renaissance Gold looks nice on the lid too. I've never really spent any time at GOSH stands but will have to look next time. :)

    1. I haven't either tbh but I'm learning the higher prices compared to other products on the high street are justified x

  2. They look so pigmented! I hardly ever look at GOSH, I will now!

  3. They look so amazing. Like Gaelle said, I hardly look at GOSH too, I am definitely checking it out now.

  4. These look very pigmented!

    Check out my beauty blog:

    1. They really are. Thanks for commenting Kristen x

  5. These look tres pigmented but saying that I still haven't got round to buying the urban decay really black liner! xx

    1. lol you're doing just fine with it that's why ;)


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