Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hair Oils Collection.

Hi ladies

I realised recently that I have quite a few hair oils (and a serum and a cream). Instead of reviewing them individually and pretending I know everything about the benefits and uses I thought I would round them up and give you a quick rundown on my views. If you want to read a fantastic post about natural oils and their benefits I suggest you go over to the gorgeous Sal's blog and read her thoughts on her 5 must have natural oils.

Parachute 100% coconut oil - My grandma brought this from India but if you google it you can find it online. It is 100% pure coconut oil and because of the climate here it hardens up and needs warming. It goes from a white solid to an oil and it is really thin and runny. I apply it the night before I wash my hair and wrap it in a turban to get the best out of it. It is a light enough oil to use after washing too but I don't use it for that.

KTC Almond Oil - You can get 200ml of this for £1.49 in Superdrug & Tesco. It is edible too so it doesn't get much purer. I find almond oil quite a thick oil in comparison to coconut oil. I have applied it with and without warming and use it overnight too. I think this is too heavy an oil to apply after washing hair as it might make it greasy but is great for an intense pre wash treatment.

Proclere Argan Oil Hair Treatment - This serum is £9.99 in Superdrug. It smells gorgeous (like cucumbers I believe) is meant to cut drying time by 50%, smooth frizz and give protection and shine. I'm not sure about the drying time but I use this after washing my hair while it is still damp to leave it smooth. Despite the name I'm not sure how much of the ingredients is actually pure Argan but its still a nice serum.

Sahar Argan Oil - I got this as a gift from the home of the Argan tree itself, Morocco. Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E that I've read protects from dehydration, nourishes body and face, hair care and strengthens nails. I've only just discovered the top ingredient in this is Paraffin oil which is basically mineral oil and the cheapest way to bulk up products so this isn't the genuine article either despite being from Morocco. It definitely smells like it though with its heavy nutty scent that means I wouldn't use it after washing either but only a pre wash treatment. Having said that the light runny consistency means it doesn't weigh hair down.

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment - This is one of the most well known and hyped oils in the blogosphere. 125ml retails for £25 but I received a mini size at an event and was very excited to finally give it a go. This is meant to nourish your hair, leaving it smooth, frizz free, shiny and smooth. It is lightweight and an oil I would use if I ever style my hair (I never do) or after washing because it doesn't leave the hair greasy. It has a nice subtle scent to it and I just work it into damp hair.

L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil -125ml retails for over £14 and is the teeny sample you can see on the top right of the photo and in short I quite like it. It smells really nice, is lightweight and again just something I use on damp hair. It contains Avocado and Grape Seed oil. the former is meant to enhance shine and nourish, whereas grape seed is a powerful antioxidant!?

Ojon rare blend oil - I got a sample of this as a peace offering when Boots ran out of the shampoo & conditioner during the big 'exchange an empty shampoo for a new one' offer. It is a pretty mixture ombre of 3 colours in the bottle but then you mix it up and it all blends together to make a pink concoction. You warm it up in your hands and either use it as a pre styling treatment or to dry hair for shine. It contains 7 'reparative oils' and has a scent that I can't quite place and I wasn't too keen on at the beginning but its not too bad now. This is the priciest of the lot and my views are pretty 'meh' on it.

I forgot to include this in my photo above. This was in a goodie bag and at first I was going to give it away as I didn't think it would work for my non-afro hair but then decided to give it a go. It's very different to the oils and anything I've used as it's a white cream and I've never used a cream on my hair. I love the fresh scent and I appled it to damp hair so as the hair dries it can define the curls. It is quite lightweight, leaves the hair smooth and doesn't leave the hair greasy but in order to define my waves it does leave the hair a bit textured. It's not hair spray hold or anything but you can notice it the next day. This would probably be great for afro hair to tame any frizz and define those curls.

A very long post but I hope you found it interesting. While we're on the topic, what is your favourite oil and what would you recommend for hair loss?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I've been curious about coconut oil for a while now.
    I like Lucy Minerals Sweet Dreams oil for my hair (and face, and cuticles).

  2. Thank you so much for the mention! I'm glad you liked that post!

    I always love reading about what others use, mainly when it comes to natural things and oils. You have to be careful with argan oil, they mix it up very often. Not only with mineral oil, but also with sunflower oil. Such a shame..
    I have that Twisted Sista curl activator too but I never used it. I forgot that I had it, thank you for reminding me haha :)

    Lovely post, Mez!


  3. You have a fair few hair oils there Mez! I like the sound of the Twisted Sister curl activator- I like a bit of a textured look. I do want to try the L'Oreal mythical but have so many hair products to use up I must not buy anything else for now! xx

  4. I have the sahar argan oil too and use for my body and sometimes as a hair oil

    1. Sucks that it's not the real deal :(


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