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What Ramadan means to us.

Hi ladies,

It is that time of year again...Ramadan! My FAQs post last year had an absolutely warming response (thank you for the comments and for everyone sharing it on Twitter) so this year I thought I would do another post about Ramadan but this time with less facts and more of a personal approach. I got in contact with some lovely Muslim Bloggers and asked them for a quote about what this Holy month means to them and here are the results (be sure to check out their blogs while you're here).

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Nilo of Mango Whirl 
Ramadhan brings my family closer. The tradition in the Mango household is to ensure we all have Iftar* together and that we all slave away in the kitchen together, too. Hehe.   But, jokes aside, it's a beautiful month where Shaytan** is locked up, we're tested on our patience, appreciate what we have in life and blessed that we have food at Iftar time because some are fasting with us but they have no food waiting for them at Iftar to break their fasts with. Humbling month, no doubt. 
 Hafsa of Muslimah Beauty
The other 11 months of the year are usually filled with me worrying about university, work and the blog so it's rare that I ever get to properly sit down and have some time to myself. But, Ramadan is a month where you put things to one side and focus on bettering your relationship with God by abstaining from food until sunset, reading and contemplating on the Quran***, giving charity, spending time with family and attending evening prayers. This then results in me appreciating what I have in my life and by the time it's Eid my batteries are recharged and I'm able to take the lessons learned from Ramadan into the rest of the year.
Halima of Desi Girls Beauty 
Ramadan to me is so much more than just fasting.  It's a time to show patience, empathy and generosity.  It's also a perfect time for reflection.  During Ramadan, I simplify my routine, try and stay away from the buzz and bustle of modern society and use the time to read, recite and think about how I am and how I treat others.  It's also a magical time for community.  Everyone is so much friendlier, happier and at peace during this time.
 Aaliyah of Pyari Beauty
Ramadan means to me a time where I can reflect and focus on the most important things in life and overcome bad habits in order to better myself as a person.  
Ayan of Beauty Wednesday
 Taking inspiration from a Rumi quote , "Be a lamp, a lifeboat, a ladder. Help someone's soul heal. Walk out your house like a shepherd". To me we should all be shepherds during Ramadan, making it our duty to support everyone around us.
Aalia from Hijabi With Style
Ramadan for me is a month where I can strengthen my Imaan*. The month is not only about fasting from dawn to dusk but about increasing Taqwah*.
Sal from Petite Sal 
To me Ramadan means peace of body and mind. Being one with your faith and rediscovering to Whom you belong to and Who gives life meaning.
Mariam from [insert witty title here] 
Ramadan, the one time of year I always feel closer to God, the time of year I always look forward to, the time of year I count down from the day Eid ends. The peace and tranquility and happiness I feel at this time of year is something I crave all year round. A time to nourish the soul and nurture the mind, it's a month that will always have a special in my heart, because I always leave it changed for the better Alhumdulillah.
I think these ladies have summarised it perfectly, Ramadan really is a beautiful time of year in the Muslim calender. There is just so much love, peace and contentment in the air. A lot of people say 'wow the fasts are so long, I couldn't do it myself' but when you know why you're doing it and it's not just a case of dieting or not eating for the sake of it, it becomes so much easier. There is a bigger purpose behind it all and although I don't deny it can be difficult, it feels amazing at the same time. There really is nothing quite like Ramadan <3

Take a look at this slideshow of pictures depicting Ramadan all across our globe on the Huffington Post website.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions about Ramadan or Islam in general, I am always available in the comments, twitter or email. Thank you to all the ladies that got involved in this post.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

* Iftar - The time at sunset when we eat to open our fast
* Shaytan - The Devil
* Quran - Holy Book
* Imaan -  Faith
* Taqwah - Consciousness of Allah


  1. Lovely post, Mez! I love how the spirit of Ramadan is clearly noticable and love how the answers look different but basically say the same thing :)
    Ramadan Kareem you and all the ladies! May our fasting, prayers and good deeds be accepted in shaa Allah!


    1. Ameen. Thanks Sal, glad you liked the post x

  2. love this post happy Ramadan hun

  3. Ramadan Kareem, it's amazing how so many of us are from different parts of the world but all Muslim and we have the same feeling about Ramadan, may we be blessed with many more to come :)

    Aqeela x

  4. such a lovely post masha allah, ramadan mubarak to all of you!
    love the rumi quote from ayan!

    anna from

    1. Thank you and yeah it's a great quote x

  5. I've had many Muslim friends over the years, so always asked questions about Ramadan, but this was a great post. I loved Halima's quote "It's a time to show patience, empathy and generosity. It's also a perfect time for reflection" This sounds like something we could all do with, whatever our faith :) Have a lovely Ramadan. Shell

    1. Very true. Glad you liked the post Shell x

  6. Amazing post! Boom! MashAllah! Xxxx

  7. I live in predominately Pakistani area of Nottingham and my neighbours always share food with us during Ramadan. She knows how much my husband loves the chicken she does and she always makes me a lovely salad and pakoras. Considering we were strangers when we moved in this gesture made us feel welcome straight away and we've been here for 5 years, I'm not going anywhere! :D


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