Sunday, 21 July 2013

Zoeva powder brush.

Hi ladies

Before I went to IMATS I knew I wanted to get myself a powder brush. I was using my ELF Kabuki brush till now which worked perfectly fine but I wanted a brush especially for setting powder application. I only ever use a light layer of powder to set my foundation so didn't want anything dense but instead a fluffier soft brush. I originally picked up a crown powder brush at IMATS but it was £12  so in the end picked up the Zoeva powder brush from the Love Make Up counter for £7. You can find it on the Love-Make Up website for £8.75.

It is a soft and fluffy vegan synthetic power brush.
It has quite a big round head, with long bristles which gives a light dusting of powder and covers a large surface. It isn't dense so you can't really use this to build up coverage or to press powder onto the skin as is recommended by some MUA's but is great to lightly dust powder on the face.

The brush itself feels quite light but feels well made, the bristles are soft and all in all I'm glad I picked up a brush from this brand. I would be interested in seeing what other brushes Zoeva offers as I think at £8.75 this is a decent price for a large powder brush.

Have you ever used a Zoeva brush?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Ive never tried any brushes from this brand, but this looks fab. I will defo check them out when I can, I want to see them in person though, rather than buying online, so I can touch them. This looks like a great buy for a low price xx

    1. Yeah I know what you mean, always nice to touch them.

  2. OMG this lovely new brush makes me feel bad and dirty...our brushes have not been washed since before we took them to Pakistan. I will spend my weekend this way!


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