Monday, 26 August 2013

Crown Brush - Eye edition.

Hi ladies

I've previously reviewed my Crown face brushes that I bought at IMATS and today is the turn of the eye brushes. I had quite a few eye brushes beforehand and didn't really need these but wanted to change it up so since buying these I sold my older brushes. I will again use the prices on the website as opposed to IMATS prices because there wasn't much difference.

Pro blending crease brush - c441 (£3.99)
I used to have the sigma e25 brush and I bought this to replace that. I found the e25 scratchier and more prone to shedding than this. This synthetic brush hasn't shed as of yet and does a good job of blending eyeshadow. I hear nothing but rave reviews of the MAC 217 but I wonder what it does differently to these cheaper dupes. This brush is fluffy and is good to defuse the colour.

Syntho DLX Deluxe Blending Crease - SS027 (£4.99)
I love this brush! I actually bought it to potentially use as an under eye concealer brush but it is too small and not fluffy enough for that (oh sigma e40 how I miss thee). This natural italian badger hair brush is instead perfect for precise application of eyeshadow in the socket to build up the drama (especially if you have small eyes like me). It is also dense enough to blend shadow where you don't want to completely defuse the colour such as a cut crease but still want the lines to be fairly apparent.

Oval Crease Brush - BK10 (£3.49)
This is just a standard brush to pack on some colour. This does a good job as it is dense and picks up enough colour.

Pro Spoolie - IB118 (£2.09)
There isn't much to say about a spoolie. I'm not sure what makes this pro but it helps to groom my brows, is sturdy enough and um yeah that's about it. As you can see mine has something sticking out which I need to cut off but left to show you.

So these are all the eye brushes I have from Crown. I am definitely impressed with them all especially for the price and I'm enjoying getting back into doing eyeshadow looks. Like I've said I regret selling my sigma e40 which is a MAC 224 style brush to use for both concealer and to really blend out the edge of any eyeshadow look. It doesn't only blend eyeshadow but it completely defuses the colour which you can't do with the above brushes. I think I'll look into whether Crown does one of these (I'm sure they do, they have loads of brushes).

So will you be adding any Crown brushes to your collection?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. They look great! I need some new brushes but been unsure what to try think I will pick these up.
    Just followed found you on FB UK bloggers lovely blog.


  2. great post! follow each other on gfc?

  3. As I said on someone else's blog, I'm not a beuaty person, but am learning a lot through reading beauty blogs. I never knew what eye brushes actually are. Could be because English isnot my native language, but well.

  4. they look like great quality indeed. I have not tried Crown brushes yet but the BK38 looks like could be a favorite of mine too ;)

  5. I love the look of the crease brush - I should really start trying some better brushes - I still use my finger most of the time whoops and £3.49 sounds like a great price as well :).

    Life in a Break Down

  6. The two blending brushes look good!x

  7. I need to get myself a spoolie brush, that would do the job just fine!

  8. I cant get enough of eye brushes atm, Ive got a RT set and some little ones from BodyCare but I want to try a few more. Need to get some of these, Im gona be the only blogger in the world without any haha xox

    The Style Khaleesi

  9. I think you have too many brushes! xx


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