Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Crown Brush - Face edition.

Hi ladies

Today I wanted to run you through my thoughts on the Crown brushes I picked up at IMATS. They weren't particularly discounted or anything so I'll use the prices on the website itself. Off we go...

Mini Duo Fibre Blender C436 (£7.39)

I have really been getting into cream blushers recently and I always hear how stippling brushes are the best tools for applying them. The only one I had was the ELF stippling brush but that was nowhere near dense enough to apply blush so before IMATS this was one style of brush I knew I wanted (the others weren't strictly necessary). This is perfect for what I want, it grabs the right amount of blush with a few taps and is dense enough to buff on the skin.

Contour blush - c405 (£8.29)
Prior to IMATS I was using a MAC SE edition blush brush which wasn't the softest in the world although it did the job. I wanted an angled brush that I could use for blush and contouring (for when I get round to buying a contour powder). This isn't as soft as I would have hoped but it is angled, dense and small enough to give an even application. I also love that it's white so you can see exactly how much product you have. 

Round blender - C457 (£4.99)
I bought this to apply concealer under my eyes. I expected it to be a smaller version of my Sigma f82 and it pretty much is. It is extremely dense and because of this I feel it can tug on the area under my eyes and can leave concealer a bit streaky so I go over it with my fingers. It isn't as delicate as what I am used to for that area (Sigma e40 which I regretfully sold) but if you are looking for a small extremely dense brush, this is a good option.

So those are 3 face brushes I picked up from Crown Brush. I have another post coming up showing you the eye brushes I bought but so far it's all been pretty positive. It would have been nice to get a Crown foundation buffing brush (especially as I recently 'damaged' by sigma f82 - still perfectly usable though) because I think foundation brushes are a good standard by which to judge a brush brand, but maybe next time.

Do you have any crown brushes? What do you think?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. I love the angled brush for blush and contouring. I started using crown brushes when I started in college :)

    1. Need to get me some contouring powder so I can put it to its full use!

  2. I have a few of their eye brushes and I think they're great quality too. The stippling brush looks great

  3. These brushes look very soft, I use a blusher brush only but would be interested at looking at these when I'm in the market for a new brush.

  4. I really want to try Crown brushes think I may just have to!


  5. Brushes look lovely, still haven't washed ours-maybe next weekend lol xx


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