Sunday, 4 August 2013

MAC kohl in Smolder - worth the hype?

Hi ladies

I'm not really a person who buys much MAC and an eyeliner is definitely not something I would usually buy but years ago my mum tried someones MAC kohl in Smolder and fell in love. She instructed me to pick one up for her and I remember at the time she said she loved it because it didn't smudge or wear off on her. I thought that was quite weird because from what I knew of Smolder it was a kohl people used to smudge on their lash line for that smokey/smouldering look. The MAC lady even directed me towards a more long lasting formula but my mum wanted this specific kohl so that's what I bought. This now retails for £14.

Bottom line - light swatch
Middle - One firm swatch
Top - 3 swatches built up

The reason this Kohl is sat around pretty much untouched is because my mum discovered it was good at what it was meant do. Basically it smudged when she tried to put it on her waterline and ended up everywhere. I don't really do much of the smokey/smudgy look and so I didn't get much use out of it either.

It isn't the most pigmented or creamiest of liners I've come across and isn't something I would pick up myself given the choice. Although it is good at what it is meant to do I feel you could use cheaper creamy eye liners and smudge it to get the same effect. So in short the hype is a bit lost on me.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

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  1. Mac eyeliners aren't the best me thinks, however I do love the white kohl pencil but then again it is white. xx


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