Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dermalogica Clear Start Skincare Review.

Hi ladies

Let's ignore the blog break and quickly move on. A while ago I was kindly sent the Dermalogica Clear Start skincare range. This is a range aimed at teenage skin. Not being a teen any longer and having dry skin I didn't think I was the best person to test this out. However having a teenage brother with oily skin and prone to a spot here and there, I asked if he would test these out and he was happy to do so. He is a boy of few words hence the very short reviews.

Blackhead clearing pore control scrub -  75ml/£13
He wasn't keen on the scent of this but the 'little bits' were very noticeable on the skin and it felt like it was actually 'doing something'. He would purchase this.
(I've personally tried this and I really like the gritty scrubs to get rid of the dry bits so this gets a thumbs up from me)
Breakout clearing foaming wash £13/177ml
Really nice scent. It had a smooth texture when applying to the skin and it then foamed up (he used the word bubbled bless him). Upon washing it off the skin, it left the skin smooth. He would purchase this.

Breakout clearing cooling masque 75ml/£16
He only used this a few times. He said for the first minute it was cooling but he didn't really notice much effect of it so he wouldn't purchase it.

 Breakout clearing all over toner 120ml/£13
He never really used the toner so he doesn't have any thoughts on this. I personally thought it was cool to see a toner in a spray bottle.

Oil clearing matte moisturiser 60ml/£16
This really worked for him. My brother reports that it definitely increased the time it took for his skin to get oily and with most teenage skin, he usually finds his nose area particularly gets oily quite quickly. At the same it didn't dry out the dryer aspects of his skin. He would purchase this product.

Breakout clearing overnight treatment 60ml/£13
He says he doesn't really know what this did but he used it all the same.

Breakout clearing emergency spot fix 9ml/£15
This wasn't as immediate a fix as he thought it would be according to the name. However he reports that it was good because it did work on spots that he had.

Breakout clearing daytime treatment 60ml/£16
This is one of the products I actually used. I have been using this everyday as a daily moisturiser. It is a very lightweight formula and when I have used my usual moisturiser on the rare occasion (steamcream) it feels a lot greasier on my skin. It isn't overly moisturising for my dry skin and leaves a matte finish but it does the job and I can imagine it would be great for oilier skin. The only thing I don't like with this is the almost alcohol like scent.

He liked the simplistic packaging and thinks the neutral colour would appeal to both genders.He found that overall the products achieved what they set out too. It helped reduce the oiliness of his skin and kept his breakouts under control. He did say it was quite expensive and I have to agree that keeping in mind the target market, this may be a little pricey. At the same time, it is a well known skincare brand and sometimes you get what you pay for.

Thank you to the PR company for sending this bundle out to me. If you have oily skin, blemish prone skin or want to treat a teenager to their first proper skincare routine then the Dermalogica Clear Start range is a good option.

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  1. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks great! have heard a lot of good things about Clean Start.


  3. I also have this range and fancy trying it out on my own skin, haha! Let's see how it goes. xx


  4. The daytime treatment sounds good, I need a lightweight moisturiser for my face so I shall check this one out! x


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