Saturday, 3 May 2014

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick - Rose in tension.

Hi ladies

I am very excited about this post. I now own a YSL lipstick! My lovely cousin gifted it to me for my brothers wedding (one of the perks) and in short, I absolutely love it! I don't think I've ever cut to the chase like this but why beat around the bush?

                         (Thanks to my cousin for the cool photos on her snazzy camera!)

YSL rouge volupte shine lipstick rose in tension

I got the shade Rose in Tension (17). I'm not really a pink lipstick kind of girl. I like my darker lips or red lips but the thing with that is I have plenty of them. I wanted my first YSL lipstick to be something different so pink it was. It isn't a barbie pink or too light a pink for my skintone. It's a medium rosey pink which will be perfect in spring for a natural look.

Now onto the formula. Oh the glorious formula. It is buttery smooth. It is the only lipstick I can apply without any lipbalm whatsoever, even when my lips are dry and yet it leaves the lips looking...for want of a better word...juicy. You would think this balmy texture would sacrifice pigmentation but you'd be wrong. It is more of a translucent colour but even one swipe provides a decent colour.

Overall, I'm a big fan and I'm sure this won't be the last Rouge Volupte Shine I add to my collection. However at £25 a pop, I don't think it'll become too regular a habit. Ouch!

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. That is such a beautiful lipstick case! Great color, too.

  2. Nothing beats the look of YSL lipsticks! They just look so elegant.

  3. Being a lover of lipstick, I love the bold pink and the design, it looks very chic, I find it hard to even buy mac not because I don't love mac lipstick but I could get more for the same price. £25 would be fine if I had a particular colour in mind lucky you. x

  4. It's a lovely colour and the packaging is just lovely! Lucky you =)

    Corinne x

  5. what fabulous lippy! a great colour. Mind you I like YSL cosmetics

  6. So beautiful, what a gorgeous shade too! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  7. Gorgeous colour Mez - a real pop! Such a shame they're so expensive! x

    1. Tell me about it. Quite the luxury :)

  8. Looks like a gorgeous shade! I bought one of these lippies in the duty free on my way back from holiday at the weekend and I love it too!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  9. Beautiful colour! I want to own more of them!

  10. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I have the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Nude Beige and it's probably my favourite lipstick ever. The formula is amazing, and it just feels so luxurious. Worth every penny I think! x

    Rachael |

  11. I absolutely love the Rouge Voluptes, Rose in Tension is such a gorgeous shade!

  12. I love this lipstick!, I have been hesitating about purchasing this product, I am certainly ordering this offline now!


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