Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Mega MAC Haul!

Hi ladies

So I'm not really a big MAC fiend. I rarely know about the latest collections and I only ever buy one thing at a time. This time a friend hooked me up with a discount so that changed a little. Having said that, most of this isn't for me, it seems MAC just doesn't do it for me enough for me to go completely crazy. A little heads up; I was playing around with my new samsung s5 so this is quite the heavy photo post.

Oooh what could it be?

MAC haul lipsticks 217 brush concealer
This is what it could be. I will be reviewing the concealer and brush separately. This post will just focus on the colour cosmetics.
MAC nightmoth lipliner
First up is nightmoth lipliner. I remember seeing this in a tutorial once and falling in love with how dark and vampy it was! I'm not sure how much use I'll get from it but when I'm going all out this will be the perfect liner. I also mentioned in a previous post that I have Diva lipstick so the two will make the perfect dark statement lip. It is also creamier than I expected which makes it easier to fill in the whole lip.

MAC craving cosmo plumful syrup creme in your coffee
Lipsticks, glorious lipsticks (in the tune of food, glorious food if you will)

The only lipstick in this line up that belongs to me is Craving. Yes, yes such self restraint I know. I should be given an award of some sort. MAC lipstick now cost £15! I remember when I first got into make up a few years ago, they were £12.50.

MAC craving lipstick
MAC craving

MAC cosmo lipstick
MAC cosmo

MAC plumful

MAC syrup lipstick
MAC syrup

MAC creme in your coffee

MAC creme in your coffee, syrup, plumful, cosmo, craving swatches
Top to bottom: creme in your coffee, syrup, plumful, cosmo, craving.

MAC Craving, Cosmo, Plumful, Syrup, Creme in your coffee lipsticks, nightmoth lipliner and select moisturecover in nc35.
Left to right:  Craving, Cosmo, Plumful, Syrup, Creme in your coffee lipsticks, nightmoth lipliner and select moisturecover in nc35.

I am unlikely to review any of the colour cosmetics and as of yet I haven't tried the lipstick but if anything particularly impresses me, I'll be sure to review it separately.

Have any of these lipsticks tickled your fancy?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Oooh Mez, Those are all such lovely colours I really need to go and buy a Mac lipstick soon, but will find it hard to choose a colour

  2. The shades of the lipsticks are gorgeous. I've always wanted to try a MAC Lippie, I wish they were a little more affordable LOL

  3. Beautiful shades of lipstick. I am sure they will go well with lots of outfits.

  4. Beautiful shades, I must say I love MAC makeup, although I don't wear lipstick. #UKBloggers

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