Sunday, 27 July 2014

So I'm off to Paris, with my Parisian inspired locket.

Hi ladies

So in around a week, I'll be going to Paris. Let's just say I am très excité! I've been watching Paris vlogs and French skincare hauls as if it's going out of style. The architecture looks amazing as do the croissants, the crepes and the macaroons! Anyhu, if you have been to Paris then please leave me comments with any tips or tricks. I would love to read them.

So onto the locket. The oh so cute locket! The lovely and hilarious Nina (wait till you read her message below - you'll agree) contacted me recently to ask if I'd like to try one of her customisable lockets. She said with Eid coming up, it would make a nice present which I thought was very sweet. She asked what sort of charms I would like and I thought it would be so nice to have a Parisian inspired locket to not only take with me but to keep as a little momento.

Hiya! My name is Nina and I love skincare, nail polish, make up and Hello Kitty.  I could sell my beauty collection only if my hubby was selling his movie collection; I think that's fair ^_^, right? We have a lot of direct sales company in the UK and I've never been interested in selling since I'm an office person, I like my desk, outlook and excel. The thing is I am a big fan of customisable items, I have few Nike ID pairs and my desk is full of Hello Kitty items (mouse mat, calendar etc.). One of my friends introduced me to South Hill Designs at the end of April. The concept is amazing:
• You pick an empty locket in either silver, gold or rose gold. We have mini, medium, large or diamond lockets and 2 locket bracelets. Oval lockets are coming out soon so stay tuned!
• You pick a background for your medium, large or diamond locket. It can be a coin or a screen. We just had the vintage screens out and they are gorgeous!
• You then pick charms that reflect your passion, your story or anything you like. We have more than 400 charms so brainstormings are usually welcome.

We also have different types of bracelet and earrings to suit everyone's taste.

This concept is unique and brand new in the UK so I had to take this ground floor business opportunity. 
Please contact me for more information regarding joining my team or if you need help designing a locket: |
Instagram & Twitter locket_id | 07572652116 |

Can't wait to hear from you! Love Nina-Chu X

 Now onto my super cute locket. I had a field day taking photos of this and you'll see exactly why.

Here are the last 2 brochures. Irrelevant but how yum does that drink look?
Here are Nina's contact details on her business card.
I love the pattern on the box and the colour scheme they've gone for. I want a t-shirt with that print!
I've taken my disk and little charms out so you can have a closer look - seriously how adorable? As you can see I went for the Eiffel tower, a camera and sandals, all of which will come in good use for Paris.
I think the quote on Nina's card is so her. She explained that because these lockets haven't become huge just yet in the UK, you can start the trend.
You can probably see clearest in this picture that the locket has south hill on the bottom. That should be on the back. Whoops!
Here you can see the length of the chain. The complimentary chain comes with the locket anyway but in the latest Autumn/Winter catalogue they have a bunch of chains you can upgrade to.
I love this picture - it just looks so chic!

So there we have it. The lovely Parisian inspired locket I was gifted by Nina. If you'd like to buy anything then check out South Hill Designs and all the contact links I've left above.The charms start at £4.80 and just like the pandora craze, you can add to them or swap them out so for example if you buy one as a present, each year you can add to that persons collection. Although the initial cost of the locket could be between £20 and £40 (my one would cost "28.80) the charms from then onwards wouldn't set you back like Pandora. They also have seasonal charms which would be good for let's say Christmas gifts.

In addition to buying the locket, if you'd like to join Nina's team or help host locket parties(think Avon style parties here), drop her a message. From my understanding this has taken off really well in the US (it started in 2012 and grew 400% in the first 3 months) and they're hoping the same will happen here. If lockets aren't your thing, then bracelets and signature wrap bracelets might be a better option?

A big thank you to Nina for sending me this gorgeous locket!

Let me know what you think about my design and don't forget to leave any tips for Paris in the comments.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

DHC Premium Lipstick in Rich Raspberry

Hi ladies

DHC is a Japanese brand better known for their skincare. However, as my review of their foundation from last August shows (OMG almost a year ago), they also have a make up range. I was recently sent one of their lipsticks to try out and I was excited to give it a go after reading it's description. You can buy this lipstick for £13 on the DHC website.

First of all, how pretty is this! From the outer box to the actual lipstick, it is so beautiful and sleek. I love the floral detail on both the box and the bottom bit of the lipstick. The gold lid just finishes it off really well and makes it look very classy. The only thing I would say is the bullet feels a little rattly when I shake it.

This is the perfect colour for me. It would probably be very vibrant on lighter skin and on me, it is a gorgeous medium pink which is perfect for this time of year for that effortless look without going for a nude.

It has no scent to it which is a shame because a fruity smell would have made it perfect for me. Having said that, this is probably better because scents are very personal and you're less likely to annoy anybody.

DHC describe the lipstick as; a satin finish lipstick with micronised pigments that deflect light for a fuller, plumper appearance.

Now, although I don't know exactly what micronised pigments are, as you can see in the photo, my lips do like quite full. I should add I don't have any problems in that department anyway but I do think the satin finish does help. I can't see any shimmer on my lips at first glance but after staring at them for a long time, I think their must be something to that effect which creates that plumped look. The ingredients include olive oil and vitamin A which helps to give it a balmy feel on the lips. In terms of longevity, I have been fasting this month so without eating and drinking it has lasted a decent few hours. However, we all know eating and drinking is the real test.

Overall, I think this offering by DHC is fantastic. They only have 6 shades in the range but they look fab. Will you be giving this a go?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Friday, 18 July 2014

Cheap contouring powder for medium/asian skintones.

Hi ladies

So I have been on the hunt for a contour powder that actually works with my skintone for a long time. I wasn't even particularly looking on the high street but most things tend to be a warmer brown and I seem to need something with a cooler greyish undertone. So when Kaushal mentioned that she used the Natural Collection eyeshadow in Crushed Walnut to contour, at £1.99 I had to give it a go.

The packaging is standard natural collection. Plain white, with clear lids and pretty light/cheap as expected. It's tiny so you can chuck it in your make up bag but then I'm not sure how durable it is.

Now onto the main thing...The colour and tone of the eyeshadow. In short, it is perfect! I always thought I was doing something wrong before when it came to contouring but turns out I just didn't find the right product. This is a very cool toned brown and when applied to my face, it mimics hollowed out cheekbones.
Sorry for the insanely perfected photo. I didn't realise my phone was on beauty mode and this is the only photo I had.

This is basically the dream team. A random mini bareMinerals brush I got with a tester foundation pot and the contour itself. I just dip the brush into the pot and then lightly push it under my cheekbones instead of swiping it. I have a angled contour brush but I find that it's too big. I think something like the Real Techniques contour brush would also be the perfect shape.

So, if like me you're above lets say nc30 in MAC shades or have a colouring which makes warm bronzing powders look weird on you, then give this a go. If it doesn't work, you've lost £1.99?

A huge thanks to Kaushal for sharing her little secret. I'm sure you're all subscribed to her youtube channel, but if you're not, I recommend you swing by.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Yes, it is yet another Makeup Revolution review.

Hi ladies

I was really unsure as to whether I should blog about this because everywhere I turn I hear about this brand but then I thought, I've already taken the photos. Why not? So I have a review of the Sticks & Stones palette for you today (and swatches of a  few other things at the end). This palette retails for £4 and you can buy it here.

I got this palette in my BBB beauty box so it isn't the colour selection I would have chosen myself. They have 4 options available in the 'Awesome eyeshadow and eyeshadow' range. In all honesty I didn't even realise the bottom 2 colours were meant to be for the brows before I checked the website when writing this post. 

As you can see, there is some decent pigmentation in these colours when swatched like this.


I've taken a flash and non flash photo so you can see the difference. The swatches on the left hand side are from the matte side of the palette and on the right hand side are the more shimmery colours. The left hand side of the palette definitely has less pigmentation and the colours are more powdery.

I did a super quick eye look to show you what the palette can do. Beneath both looks I have used the NYX jumbo pencil in milk. As you can see the top photo is horrendous. There isn't enough pigment in the lighter colours to give enough payoff and they are very powdery which means there is lots of fall out. I was more impressed with the blue on the right hand side of the palette which I used for the bottom look. However, to get this vibrancy took a lot of building. I should add I used the mini angled brush to get that winged liner in the top photo. Although, it got the right shape, it was very sharp so be careful!

Now onto swatches of 2 other Makeup Revolution products. I don't own these but I have swatches for you. It is the Iconic 1 palette which also cost £4 and the highlighter in Golden Lights which costs £3.

makeup revolution iconic 1 swatches

 makeup revolution sticks and stones swatches

Sorry the photo quality isn't the best, but this was a rushed job. The shimmer in the highlighter looked a little chunky to me but it was smooth to swatch. The palette is meant to be a dupe for the naked 1 and although the pigmentation and creaminess isn't the same, the colour families are very similar.

Overall, I wasn't bowled over by what I've seen from the brand. I prefer offerings from MUA for example at a similar price range but I hear nothing but praise for Makeup Revolution so maybe I shouldn't knock it just yet.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Friday, 11 July 2014

#PegasusLIVE Beauty Showcase 2014!

Hi ladies

Yesterday I went to my first beauty event in a long long time. It was the pegasus beauty showcase at The Westbury in Mayfair.  A year ago (it's been that long) I blogged about the Pegasus beauty showcase 2013. It's a great chance to see all the new products different brands are coming out with and of course a chance to see bloggers you haven't seen for a while. This time round I got to see Grace and Annie again which was lovely. I also met Sheenie who I speak to twitter but have never met in 'real life' so that was great.

Annie at work
Xmas gifts! Feels weird seeing this in July. There is the cutest Trilogy bauble being released for Xmas!

I discovered RapidWhite do non-peroxide teeth whitening strips. Although I found their kit effective a few years ago, strips are way more convenient.
Temple Spa have released a Red Carpet Range which includes an exfoliating gommage gel, a soft focus effect cream, a camouflage for dark circles, shadows etc and a liquid illuminator and highlighter.
I was particularly interested in the new release by Witch - a blackhead clearing gel. They've also released a face wash with Witch Hazel bursting beads.
I have the standard Trilogy rosehip oil  which I love and have been meaning to blog about. They now have the Antioxidant + which looks interesting.
MicroPedi have released quite a few variations of their original product including a mini (great for light packing and costs £29.95) which I didn't know about. I own the original MicroPedi and again this is something I have taken photos for but never got round to blogging about.
I thought this was interesting. It would make a nice gift with the addition of the nails inc polishes. This retails for £59.99.
This was particularly exciting. I got taken behind the curtain and blindfolded. I then felt this sort of vibrating feeling on my nails which smoothed them out and then what felt like my nails being buffed. When I took the blindfold off, my nails were all shiny. If I had to take a guess what this surprise product is, I'd say its an extension of the MicroPedi family. I could be entirely wrong but all will be revealed in 2 weeks. I also gave feedback to say this would be good for muslim ladies who want the shiny nails but don't wear polish because of prayer.
So we all know Cuticura for their hand sanitising gels but who knew they had released a basic skincare line for three different skin types; sensitive, dry and combination/oily. Each product in the new range is priced at £1.79 and available from Bodycare, Savers, Semichem and independent pharmacies. £1.79!
I enjoyed having a go at this Soft & Gentle reaction game. I was rubbish at it but I enjoyed it all the same. Soft & Gentle have been around for a heck of a long time but are relaunching with a fresh new look. They have 9 refreshing fragrances and the range starts from £1.29. 
Since their relaunch from collection 2000 to Collection, they have really been a good inexpensive high street option. I know their lasting perfection concealer and liquid liners are in many a make up bag, but collection are now launching this pretty All about the Eyes palette, a Big Fake Curves mascara and lasting gel nail polish. The Little Mix by Collection range starts at £1.99 and will be available in superdrug from 30th July.
Edit: BBB has already blogged about the palette and it's quite the rave review.
Finally, I got my skin analysed with Lloyds Pharmacy. I was quite excited by this because a big conundrum for me is whether my skin is dry, dehydrated or both. I was quite surprised to find my skin is in fact normal and did really well on all fronts as you can see on the printout below.
This skin health service is free and is now available at select Lloyds Pharmacies. You don't need an appointment, you just turn up and a specially trained advisor will analyse your skin and make recommendations based on that.
So, that was my evening at the beauty showcase. They ran out of goody bags (considering they prepared 150, that is the sign of a fantastic turnout) but the lovely Amy took our details and told us we'd receive something in the post so keep an eye out on my blog for upcoming reviews - it's a win win situation because we didn't have to carry them home ;)

Thanks once again for having me @Peg_beauty. Everyone was welcoming and lovely.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

So I got a free magazine with my chubby stick today...

Hi ladies

I literally just bought a copy of the August edition of Glamour mag, 30 minutes ago. I happened to come across it in a local newsagents (there was only one copy) and it was in the shade I wanted so I made a grab for it. The mag costs £2 and I've always wanted to try the Clinique chubby stick so I'm happy I get to try it for £2.

I'm highly unlikely to read the magazine itself hence the title of this post but I will most definitely be trying the chubby stick. If it's anything particularly fantastic, I'll be sure to pop up a post on the blog.

The other options are a chubby stick in whoppin watermelon, a mascara or a moisturiser.
clinique chubby stick super strawberry 07
I've heard through the grapevine that the freebies (I use that word lightly because its not a freebie when you're buying the mag especially for the 'freebie') that come with these magazines are watered down, lesser quality versions of the full size. The chubby stick from what I'm hearing is no exception.

Do you think this is true? Have you ever had a freebie that disappointed you compared to the full size product?

Till next time...Toodles! :)