Sunday, 27 July 2014

So I'm off to Paris, with my Parisian inspired locket.

Hi ladies

So in around a week, I'll be going to Paris. Let's just say I am très excité! I've been watching Paris vlogs and French skincare hauls as if it's going out of style. The architecture looks amazing as do the croissants, the crepes and the macaroons! Anyhu, if you have been to Paris then please leave me comments with any tips or tricks. I would love to read them.

So onto the locket. The oh so cute locket! The lovely and hilarious Nina (wait till you read her message below - you'll agree) contacted me recently to ask if I'd like to try one of her customisable lockets. She said with Eid coming up, it would make a nice present which I thought was very sweet. She asked what sort of charms I would like and I thought it would be so nice to have a Parisian inspired locket to not only take with me but to keep as a little momento.

Hiya! My name is Nina and I love skincare, nail polish, make up and Hello Kitty.  I could sell my beauty collection only if my hubby was selling his movie collection; I think that's fair ^_^, right? We have a lot of direct sales company in the UK and I've never been interested in selling since I'm an office person, I like my desk, outlook and excel. The thing is I am a big fan of customisable items, I have few Nike ID pairs and my desk is full of Hello Kitty items (mouse mat, calendar etc.). One of my friends introduced me to South Hill Designs at the end of April. The concept is amazing:
• You pick an empty locket in either silver, gold or rose gold. We have mini, medium, large or diamond lockets and 2 locket bracelets. Oval lockets are coming out soon so stay tuned!
• You pick a background for your medium, large or diamond locket. It can be a coin or a screen. We just had the vintage screens out and they are gorgeous!
• You then pick charms that reflect your passion, your story or anything you like. We have more than 400 charms so brainstormings are usually welcome.

We also have different types of bracelet and earrings to suit everyone's taste.

This concept is unique and brand new in the UK so I had to take this ground floor business opportunity. 
Please contact me for more information regarding joining my team or if you need help designing a locket: |
Instagram & Twitter locket_id | 07572652116 |

Can't wait to hear from you! Love Nina-Chu X

 Now onto my super cute locket. I had a field day taking photos of this and you'll see exactly why.

Here are the last 2 brochures. Irrelevant but how yum does that drink look?
Here are Nina's contact details on her business card.
I love the pattern on the box and the colour scheme they've gone for. I want a t-shirt with that print!
I've taken my disk and little charms out so you can have a closer look - seriously how adorable? As you can see I went for the Eiffel tower, a camera and sandals, all of which will come in good use for Paris.
I think the quote on Nina's card is so her. She explained that because these lockets haven't become huge just yet in the UK, you can start the trend.
You can probably see clearest in this picture that the locket has south hill on the bottom. That should be on the back. Whoops!
Here you can see the length of the chain. The complimentary chain comes with the locket anyway but in the latest Autumn/Winter catalogue they have a bunch of chains you can upgrade to.
I love this picture - it just looks so chic!

So there we have it. The lovely Parisian inspired locket I was gifted by Nina. If you'd like to buy anything then check out South Hill Designs and all the contact links I've left above.The charms start at £4.80 and just like the pandora craze, you can add to them or swap them out so for example if you buy one as a present, each year you can add to that persons collection. Although the initial cost of the locket could be between £20 and £40 (my one would cost "28.80) the charms from then onwards wouldn't set you back like Pandora. They also have seasonal charms which would be good for let's say Christmas gifts.

In addition to buying the locket, if you'd like to join Nina's team or help host locket parties(think Avon style parties here), drop her a message. From my understanding this has taken off really well in the US (it started in 2012 and grew 400% in the first 3 months) and they're hoping the same will happen here. If lockets aren't your thing, then bracelets and signature wrap bracelets might be a better option?

A big thank you to Nina for sending me this gorgeous locket!

Let me know what you think about my design and don't forget to leave any tips for Paris in the comments.

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. What a gorgeous necklace it's so cute!
    I love that you've now got permanent memories ready for when your home from Paris too


  2. That is absolutely beautiful, and I love that each one is individual and personal to you. Have a lovely time in Paris.


  3. Love the design very classy and vintage inspired :D
    Melissa || My Blog

  4. Oooh that's a pretty locket! I know I've got a little (ok maybe quite big) wishlist, ready for payday!. Hope you have a lovely time in Paris Mez =)

  5. Aww, this is so nice and I am super jelly that you're going to Paris. xx


  6. Beautiful necklace! I hope you had a wonderful time in Paris. Looking forward to seeing a haul post ;)

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